Tier X Beast: The Kremlin

The Kremlin is the (current) crown Battleship of the Russian Navy in World of Warships. Read more for a review on her armor, guns, recommended builds and play style.

State of the Game – Qtr1 2019

Sorry for the lengthy hiatus between posts as RL has been very chaotic but this is a post that had been dying to be made so here goes. The state of the game has changed drastically since the release of the CV rework in patch 0.8.0. With the attack power increased, the skill ceiling lowered, […]

Upcoming & Proposed Changes

There are lots of upcoming and proposed changes for both 0.8.0 and beyond. This article would usually be done as a Weekly Dev Blog Round up but due to not having the usual writer to help me keep up with that and my own time constraints this will be a long article. So I’ve broken […]