Validating Skill

Player skill is always a hot topic and games like World of Warships and many attempts have been made to come up with a simple metric for evaluating it, such as PR or Personal Rating. While such a metric can be used to potentially measure a players skill using other metrics such as winrate and […]

Another Look at Personal Rating (PR)

PR, or Personal Rating, is still the standard metric by which many players assess another player’s skill. While I did an article on Analysis and Deconstruction of PR a few years back, I wanted to readdress what this metric is and how it has changed, more specifically, its relevance. Since I first talked about Personal […]

Why Are You Hiding?

What I’m referring to here is stats. Why do some players choose to hide their stats, while most, don’t? In this article, I’m going to briefly touch on some speculative reasons why someone would hide their stats, the pros and cons and will also touch on my reasoning why I think it is a bad […]