Puerto Rico: The Good, Bad and VERY Ugly

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you have probably have had some exposure to the latest WarGaming debacle – the Puerto Rico. While there are many “opinions” on this particular matter, as there have been on previous PR [public relations] related issues for WarGaming, I have never seen so […]

Sub Impressions

Play Impressions The subs are a nice addition to the game so far, even in their “Work in Progress” state. The visuals that have been designed for underwater are outstanding and the controls are concise and easy to use – though still takes some getting used to. Further, the skill necessary to make torpedo hits […]

Why Are You Hiding?

What I’m referring to here is stats. Why do some players choose to hide their stats, while most, don’t? In this article, I’m going to briefly touch on some speculative reasons why someone would hide their stats, the pros and cons and will also touch on my reasoning why I think it is a bad […]

The Current Game: An Op-Ed

The game in its current test state is a frustration for me. Every week a new micro patch is released tweaking some facet of the CV or AA or CV-Ship interaction mechanics. While I understand the necessity of doing it this way, I’m still not a fan. There were/are just not enough players that participate […]

CV Rework: Final Review and Critique

Better late than never I suppose but here is my final review of the CV rework. First off, I did not get to accomplish with the testing what I wanted to both in battles and videos (sorry). However, I was able to get a good idea of the effects that the rework will have on […]