Warship News Updates

There are a few updates that I would like to touch on in regards to me and the site in general. The first update is in regards to the Dev Blog Round-up. For those that haven’t noticed, I or anyone else have yet to post anything for the Dev Blog Round-up topic in sometime. There […]

Why I Don’t Stream or YouTube…Yet

One of the things that gets brought up from time to time, particularly since I’d like to become a CC is “Why don’t I stream or put videos up on YouTube?” The short answer is time and internet. I currently lack the consistency in my work and personal schedule to be able to stream or […]

We’re on Facebook

I have broken down and created a Facebook page for WarshipNews. Anything posted here will also be shared there. So be sure to follow us and like and comment! https://www.facebook.com/warshipnews/

USS Alaska (CB-1)

A Brief History The USS Alaska (CB-1) was the lead ship and the first of her class of large cruisers and named after the then US Territory, Alaska. [1] As a large cruiser, she was originally designed to counter the Deutchland-class­ pocket battleships like Scharnhorst. She was one of 6 originally ordered by the US […]

Warship News Update

I have finally taken the time to put together a Discord server. Feel free to join us (currently just me  🙂 ) there to chat, division and maybe provide suggestions for the site. https://discord.gg/8pnGgXX