Warship News: A Year in Review

First off, I would like to thank everyone that enjoys this material that I write – be it an editorial or a guide. I am fortunate enough that, while it would be nice to get some Patreon support, I don’t need it to keep this site running. So without further adieu, here is the year […]

Paul Charlton

If this name sounds familiar to you but aren’t quite sure who is is you’re probably not alone. This individual tends to run under the more well known pseudonym, The Might Jingles. Some months ago I had the privilege of having an interview with him and it was quite the show, so to speak. If […]

The Mighty Jingles

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of conducting a little interview with Jingles. Though I say little, it was almost 2 hours long. Long as it may have been it was enjoyable and, as expected, became more of a conversation with the detail that he put into the answers to my questions. My initial plan […]