Warship News Updates

There are a few updates that I would like to touch on in regards to me and the site in general. The first update is in regards to the Dev Blog Round-up. For those that haven’t noticed, I or anyone else have yet to post anything for the Dev Blog Round-up topic in sometime. There […]

Weekly Dev Blog Round-up – 9/15/18

Three posts were made this week on the Dev Blog page. The first post discussed the changes to the up and coming British Destroyers. All RN DDs tiers VI through X, have been given Hydro – 2 charges for standard and 3 for premiums. The focus of the RN hydro will be for torpedo detection […]

Warships Dev Blog Weekly Round-up 7/20/18

This is the first article in a new series called the Warships Dev Blog Weekly Round-up  or just the Weekly Round-up.These articles will go over everything that is posted in the Dev Blog over the course of a week. The facts will be laid out as well as any thoughts on the changes being introduced […]