Paragon Paradox

Paragon, or has it has become to be known, the Naval Training Center. This has been such a hot and divisive topic that the developers at Wargaming have already recanted (sorta) and bringing it back to the drawing boards. The official statement for this can be found on Reddit here. The original concept had some […]

World of Warships: A New Meta

I know I promised more articles by now. This was one of them and the other one that was planned was for a more detailed explanation of changes to the AA. However, given that they have required 2 patches to get it to where it’s at least functional AND they [Wargaming] have put out a […]

Weekly Dev Blog Round-up – 9/15/18

Three posts were made this week on the Dev Blog page. The first post discussed the changes to the up and coming British Destroyers. All RN DDs tiers VI through X, have been given Hydro – 2 charges for standard and 3 for premiums. The focus of the RN hydro will be for torpedo detection […]