Below are the requirements necessary in order to become a  staff writer for including the expectations once you have been accepted.

Application Requirements

  • Fill out the Application form here
  • Arrange for a Discord meeting with me (SnipeySnipes) – will be done after I receive your application
  • Complete a writing assignment OR provide a sample article/guide related to World of Warships

Staff Expectations and Rules

  • All staff are subject to a 3-article probationary period where your articles must be approved by myself or senior staff. This can be reduced or increased at our discretion.
  • Plagiarism will NOT be accepted. Any blatant violation will result in immediate removal as a staff writer and the article.
    • If you feel your removal was in err, you may appeal
  • All articles must be grammatically sound and have few typos or spelling mistakes
  • In-article citations or footnotes are required for all subject matter in which facts are presented and not considered ‘public knowledge’
  • Staff will have the ability to write about whatever they desire, however, they may be given assignments on occasion
  • Staff are expected to write at least 1 article a month
  • Any editorial/opinion related pieces should be fact based to support your opinions, where possible.
  • Any editorial/opinion related piece will NOT include direct attacks on other players, clans, or WarGaming
    • If you have a ‘whistleblower’ article about a player or clan, please speak to me first
  • Any article that is published and found to be sub-par by myself of fellow staff may be sent back to draft for editing.
    • Continuous issues with sub-par publications by an individual may get them put back on probation.
    • Feel free to request proof reading from myself or other staff members before you publish should you wish
  • Any article that is published and found to include attacks on others will be removed and the author will be subject to one of the following consequences depending upon the severity of the infraction
    • A written/verbal Warning from me
    • Being put back on probation
    • A request for a public apology on this site at a minimum (if the article was shared elsewhere by the author or others prior to removal, the apology may be requested to be posted in those locations as well)
    • Complete removal from staff with a public statement made by me as to the reason for that staff members removal

Important Notes and Disclaimers

The application, though short, has questions that I feel are important to selecting quality writers and staff. These questions may change or be added to overtime to improve the selection process.

I hold ALL staff to high standards – as high as those that I hold myself to. With that said, any applicant who I feel does not meet those standards or I feel are unable to meet those standards with some guidance can be dismissed. Further, as the purpose of this site is to inform and teach, staff that I find perform contrary to that may also removed. In short, I do reserve the right (as pretentious as it may sound) to accept, deny, or remove any applicant to staff member as I see fit. I will, however, make a promise to do so fairly and not without a pre-discussed reason with evidence should it require.