Feel free to join the Discord server here: https://discord.gg/8pnGgXX


  1. Keep things civil
  2. Keep things PG-13 in PUBLIC channels
  3. Avoid political discussions in Public channels
  4. Avoid spamming chat with excessive caps, emojis or links
  5. Under no circumstances shall you initiate or partake in bullying, toxicity or discriminatory behavior towards others due to their gender, sex, race, ethnicity, orientation, intelligence, or skill level. Violations may result in a warning or an immediate ban.
  6. Under no circumstances shall you use hate speech on this server – doing so will result in an immediate ban
  7. Unless sync dropping with another Div, try to avoid more than 3 per Division voice channels
  8. Posting of or mentioning illicit activities or materials will get you banned – where necessary, such activities may be reported to the authorities where applicable
  9. Posting of or mentioning the possession of child pornography will be dealt with immediately. The violator(s) will be recorded and any and all information will be sent to authorities for further investigation
  10. ALL voice channels, unless otherwise requested by a user, should be considered NSFW and not appropriate for children*.

    If you find a violation, be it an any of the chat channels or in a DM from any member of the server, report it to SnipeySnipes with proof immediately. However, if providing proof requires you to take a snapshot of an image of a minor that is considered pornographic (such as from a DM), contact your local authorities immediately. I DO NOT want to be in possession of anything of that nature, regardless of the reason.
    *- The definition of children will be left to the decision of any staff member or mod. If the feel you are too young to be in that voice chat and ask you to leave, they will only do so once.