Aircraft Carriers: In Desperate Need of Change

World of Warships is at least in some part, a historically minded game that hopes to bring the power and strength of warships from years past into the hands of we, the players. It could be discussed at length about how much, or how little, of the game elements reflect that sort of realism, but […]

Weekend Roundup for 8/21/18

Ah the Stalingrad, a ship born to be the best in a game built to be “balanced”, as such, problems were inevitable. Despite a rocky start and more than its fair share of reworks and testing, the Stalingrad’s final stats have been officially announced and WarGaming really didn’t hold back (not in a good way). […]

Update 0.7.7. Go Navy!

World of Warships Patch 0.7.7.   Go Navy! A new event in World of Warships that, like the “Fire and Water” event of last year, will bring new loot, challenges, and leaderboards for the game and its players. This event requires a level 12 account, which shouldn’t be a problem for most players. There are […]