Just over a month since the Commander ‘rework’ and the exodus continues from everything that I’ve seen and heard. Like so many reworks before it, this one was implemented with very little public testing and little consideration for the cries of “NO!” from the game base. But before I continue with the Dead Eye issue, let’s back up a bit.

Since the inception of the more news/review driven articles of this site, I have been critical of the meta that WarGaming have pushed into this game – the passive, shoot from the back, no brawling or die, meta that started with the introduction of the Worcester, Conqueror and Smolensk. More ships have since added to this terribly dull meta such as the Thunderer (now the worst culprit), the Henri IV, and the Colbert to name a few. Players have become more and more fearful of pushing in due to the fact that they will get melted so quickly. Add to that destroyers with ridiculous DPM and fire chance, torpedoes of course and even more destroyers with radar as well as more and more battleships with 18″ guns or bigger (something they said would never happen – enter Shikishima). I can’t blame anyone for now wanting to be aggressive. Nobody wants a sub 5 minute match with less than 50k damage. It’s just not fun.

Now, with patch 10.0, we have Dead Eye. Probably the most broken and game breaking feature ever introduced to this game. I dare say, and I can’t believe I am saying this, but even worse than the Carrier rework. Now cruisers as scarce, Battleships are ‘Great’ again but utterly useless by in large, destroyers are still destroyers and nobody cares about CV’s. We have yet to see the full introduction of Submarines, another “never going to happen” from WarGaming that is now an inevitability. With that being said though, I fear that I will not be around to see them break this game any more than it is.

World of Warships has no longer become fun for me. While I always enjoyed playing in battleships in hopes of getting those big one shots, I also enjoyed engaging the enemy. This was usually with several other ships so I was rarely the sole focus of the enemy team. You just can’t play that way any more, in any ship. So, have I played my final game of Warships, written my final article ‘gambled’ on my last loot crate? I believe I have, but only time will tell. I will continue to keep an eye on the game from afar and if I see or hear any signs of progress I may come back to her, but not today and tomorrow don’t look good either. So here it is. This is SnipeySnipes, signing off of Warships and Warship News for what appears to be the very last time. Thank you all and have fun!

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