This site started back in 2018 as an offshoot of work done with WoWsReplays. The state of the game was healthy, I had access to fresh and detailed data for the statistical articles and I had plenty of time to write. Since then, I and a few other authors have published over 100 articles and guides related to World of Warships and I became a super tester.

Fast forward to 2020. My time to dedicate to the game and this site has diminished significantly. We have tried to start a podcast/streamcast and it just hasn’t worked out the way we wanted to, I have had to step away from the SuperTester program and the state of the game, in my opinion, is not where it could or should be. That takes the fun out of the game for me.

We are now into 2021, my time commitments have not changed and I don’t foresee them changing anytime soon. I have also been branching out into other games that are less of a ‘sucking sound’ so to speak as far as time and money but more importantly, are more fun most days. Further, the cost to maintain the site has increased as domain and server costs have gone up. While that is fairly small in the larger scheme of things it does add up.

Going forward, the site as far as cost is good for another year. Pending any changes in my personal time commitments, Patreon or stream support as well as increased activity from current staff OR interest in others wanting to be staff *hint hint*, I don’t see Warship News existing past 2021. I will continue to write guides or articles on things that come to mind but as my interest in the game dwindles, so too do the ideas for new articles. So, if you have ideas for new articles, stop by the Discord and ping me or post to our Facebook with your idea or if you would like to become staff, check out the staff requirements and application and fill it out.

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