Streamcast Episode 1 is finally done! While it did not go without it’s glitches, what pilot doesn’t. I’m aware of a some audio issues and will try to have those address before the next episode. Topics touched on include The current meta, OP/annoying ships, CV issues and ships that have just been out matched by their newer brethren.

Dr. Puffin and I plan on continuing this series so long as we have topics to discuss and I don’t see a shortage of those any time soon. The current schedule will be every other Saturday at around 10am EST. We look forward to bringing guests onto the show was well has having ‘call-ins’ from our listeners and viewers so be sure to subscribe and join our Discord for all the updates!

Also, feel free to leave comments on the video or on our Discord, or email us at for topics or issues that you would like us to discuss.

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