Good morning to all. After an all too long hiatus, I will be back writing articles very shortly (hoping to have one out this weekend). In the interim and for the future please check out the streams of both myself and Dr. Puffin. I have just been able to start streaming again so be sure to stop in and follow! For now, I stream whenever I can so there is not set schedule yet. Links below.

Finally, we (Dr. Puffin and myself) will be ‘attempting’ to launch our Pilot of our streamcast discussing current topics in World of Warships, so please join us and subscribe. We plan on going live around 10am EST so stop in to watch and listen and feel free to join us for discussion on your Discord as well.

Streamcast Channel link:

SnipeySnipes Twitch Channel
Stay tuned for channel updates

Dr. Puffin’s (Chatbonk) Twitch Channel

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