Every patch it seems, particularly content rich patches like the most recent bring in a meta change as well. Sometimes this is more temporary and is linked to everyone gettings the new ships, and sometimes that temporary meta becomes more long term. Case in point, this most recent patch brought in the new Pan-European destroyers. While they are not particularly good gun boats, they have good to excellent AA and very fast torps with mediocre damage. So how has this patch affected the current meta?

Without going into too much detail about the Pan-European DD’s (another article), old DD mains have rejoiced in the fact that they get back at the all the CVs, which in and of themselves brought in a new meta – from a CV game in 1 in 10 to a 9 in 10 games having CVs. Carriers have really been the bane of nearly every DD’s existence, even the AA heavy ones, these Pan-Euro DDs have a fighting chance. Sure, if the CV wants you dead, they’ll win but not without ‘losing’ some planes. So, the queues have been flooded with Destroyers, in particular the new ones with at least one in nearly every game I’ve played recently. The result of this has had a two-fold influence on the ship make-up. The first is lots of Light Cruisers, especially when they have been built for countering DD’s. These HE spewing boats, coupled with the extremely fast torpedoes from the new DD’s has led to a decrease in Battleships, which is the second part.

While this is just one instance, I have noticed this in just about every patch where new content is released. Though the results aren’t always as dramatic and two-sided the concept remains the same – for every action there is a reaction. Still, the only ship type that has seemingly been immune for the last year to said effects has been Carriers – the counter (and conquer) all. So what of the next two know content patches, the Russian cruiser split and submarines.

What we know about the Russian cruisers is that the heavy line will be more adapted to counter-cruiser play while the light cruisers will play more towards counter destroyer and both will likely be problematic for battleships. As for submarines, their natural counter will be destroyers, but once again, they will HARD counter battleships. With their ability to not only cause flooding and large amounts of alpha damage to begin with, they will also inflict citadel damage of which, very little can be healed. Will this be the final nail in the coffin that leads to the death of the battleship in World of Warships? I’m already seeing a significant decline in their numbers. Will they become as common in matches as CV’s were in the RTS days? Only time will tell. What I can say is that if some changes aren’t made to how ships are released and to how they are balanced (not to just each other in raw stats but in match maker as well) the trend of walls of skill and napalm will certainly drive many players away. Listen to the players WarGaming. They are screaming. Fix what is broken and unbalanced and put the brakes on some of the new content. PLEASE!

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