There have been a number of times where I have discussed the meta changes that this game has gone through – more specifically moved towards. In this case, the meta has made a clear move towards the ‘death’ of a few ship types, and for the sake of this article, the Battleship.

The HE spam meta has not really changed since the last time I discussed it, as a matter of fact, it’s probably gotten worse. With the introduction of ships like the Smolensk and Colbert on top of the already numerous ships that spew napalm, any battleship that falls within range, quickly gets melted.

Now don’t get me wrong, mistakes should be punished – you show broadside – blap – you overextend, you burn. The problem becomes, some of these cruisers cannot only fire from protection, such as from behind an island or in smoke, but are so fast and maneuverable, and in some cases (increasingly so) have gun ranges that rival those of battleships, making them extremely difficult to hit. Not to mention, some of the newer cruisers have armor schemes that, at closer ranges where they should be more vulnerable to the blap, actually make them harder to citadel.

So what is a battleship player to do? Well, first off, don’t try and use your HP for the team in the fist 10 minutes. Unless you’re in a division, you cannot rely on your teammates to support you in a push. This means staying at range as best as possible. You will need to be patient when shooting at enemy cruisers that and also shooting from range, and wait for them to make a mistake. While I have always been a proponent of going in for a push, the only way to be effective and have a positive effect on the outcome of the battle is to stay alive as long as possible. But if you are going to go down, make sure you take one of those spammers with you. That way, your sacrifice will have been worth it.

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