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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you have probably have had some exposure to the latest WarGaming debacle – the Puerto Rico. While there are many “opinions” on this particular matter, as there have been on previous PR [public relations] related issues for WarGaming, I have never seen so many opinions that are so similar and are share by such a large portion of the community, including CC’s. With that being said, I would like to add my $0.02 to the matter starting with the VERY Ugly


There is nothing worse in this whole fiasco than the deception that was used in portraying the Puerto Rico as an obtainable ship for those willing to put in the time. I emphasize willing here as there are many that would be willing to put in the time to obtain a free ship, and when it was originally mention in news on the World of Warships website that’s how it seemed. Now, there were no illusions of grandeur in terms of the grind required to obtain a tier 10 ship for free, however, that’s where they messed up, and BAD. Their original wording in the update article on the World of Warships website (discussed by iChase) makes it sound as any decent player with some time on their hands over the holidays could get the Puerto Rico for free or nearly free. This is not actually the case at all. Instead of being tailor to say the top 25% of the player base, as might be reasonably expected since it’s a free tier 10 after all, it’s instead tailor to what is likely a fraction of a percent of the top of the player base that could reasonably be expected to obtain this ship for free. The time requirements for these directives are in the absurd realm, only reserved for those that have no family and whose literal job it is to play THIS game.

On top of that, they clearly mislead the community in the actually monetary cost of the pixel boat. While, once again, it would not be expected to be cheap (given the cost of current tier 9’s, I would reasonably expect a tier X to be purchased for around $120-$130 USD), but $236 USD is ludicrous! That leads us to the bad – the obvious money grab.

The Bad

Yes, World of Warships is a free to play game, but WarGaming is a company with employees and bills to pay so it stands to reason that they need to make money. However, the money grab scenario that has risen as a result of the Puerto Rico even has added them to the same class as companies like EA and Ubisoft – this is not good. As mentioned earlier, if you were to just say, “Hey, I want to spend my money and put no effort into getting the Puerto Rico” your bill would be $236 USD. However, if you wanted to get the absolute most out of the event, while still completing the Puerto Rico in the shortest possible time (still grinding through all directives etc.), you bill is still in the realm of $102 USD, but more reasonably closer to $164. How did I arrive at these numbers you might ask? Well, it’s 24,000 doubloons for the 3 premiums booster packs, which will cost you $96. But to get the most out of the event you would need to have the Gorizia from the start. While the empty ship (no commander) can be bought for $35.20 in the NA premium shop, the “Admiral Pack” with a 10 point commander, will cost you $69.99 (rounded to $70). You would cut costs if you already had an Italian commander with 10 or more points but for the ‘average Joe’, the Admiral Pack is the most likely route. Whatever the case may be, WarGaming will be making a pretty penny on this ship for the vast majority of players that obtain her.

The Good

Ok, so there is some silver lining to this whole thing, but it’s a very thin thread. That is, if you have the time and minimum $56 (cost of 14,000 doubloons for the first 2 premium boosters and a healthy stockpile of signals and camos) at the time of writing this article, you could make out like a bandit with collected resources like Free XP, Coal and Steel, some free stuff from Crates as well as the Gorizia, and of course, the Puerto Rico. But that’s it.

Let’s just say if I were to try to get the Puerto Rico for ‘free’, it would likely cost me my job as well as my marriage, not to mention the alimony and child support that would come with the divorce. NO pixel boat is worth that.


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