Paragon, or has it has become to be known, the Naval Training Center. This has been such a hot and divisive topic that the developers at Wargaming have already recanted (sorta) and bringing it back to the drawing boards. The official statement for this can be found on Reddit here.

The original concept had some serious flaws, namely causing players to regrind an entire ship line in order to make one ship competitive. The problems here were not the time requirement here, but the financial and most importantly the necessity. Sure, regrinding a line was technically voluntary, but the initial benefits given to those that completed such a task would have put those that did not at a severe disadvantage while playing the same ship. This in essence, made the task of regrinding mandatory to remain competitive.

Wargaming’s goal in all of this is to garner more interest in the lower tiers while giving the veteran players incentive to do so. While noble in its intent (sort of), one of the biggest issues that will arise from this, aside from their initial buffs to ships, is the seal clubbing. Many veteran players have amassed XP or free XP but probably not enough to ‘grind’ a whole line from scratch. That means that they will actually have to play these ships again. Now, it’s bad enough when a good veteran player goes down to tier 4 for example to mess around with some of their other ships, but when veteran players do this in droves what will happen to the actual new players? Some might enjoy the challenge, but others will likely just quit as the skill gap will be just too high.

So how does Wargaming keep players interested in the lower tiers, but in a more ‘stable’ manner while still giving them incentive to do so? I see two potential approaches to this. The basis for both would be something similar to the snowflake event but on a more regular basis, perhaps once a month. Veteran players get to play ALL their ships for a singular new resource that they can accumulate to get ship upgrades. These upgrades could be more akin to the current legendary upgrades where a ship doesn’t just get a straight buff, but also loses something to balance. This is the first option. The second would be if they choose to go the straight buff route, it should be something that buffs the captain skills for a ship commander instead. Like the original concept, this will have tiers that can ONLY be achieve in succession and they are progressively harder to achieve, like with captain skills and are also unlocked in succession, such as with their seasons concept. So if a player has a lot of ships, they could in theory unlock several tier 1 upgrades to their favorite ships by just winning a single battle in every ship. They could also save up some of the resource to progress more quickly to the next tier or tiers in subsequent seasons. In so doing, a player could buff a single captain to a new maximum of 23 points and distribute those new points as they wish.

Now veteran players can work towards buffing their favorite ships, while being less grindy and still give new players a chance at the lower tiers. This also works well into the fact that a number of players have wanted more than 19 point commanders. Whatever they decide to do, this is just my thoughts and I may even consider passing it on. At least they’re taking it back to the drawing board instead of going with their current plan – which would have been against the communities wishes, and mine. What do you think? Do you think my idea could work? If not what are some of your suggestions?

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