There are a few updates that I would like to touch on in regards to me and the site in general. The first update is in regards to the Dev Blog Round-up. For those that haven’t noticed, I or anyone else have yet to post anything for the Dev Blog Round-up topic in sometime. There are a few reasons for this. The first is the primary writer for this section has been on hiatus due to his job and only has access to library internet on rare occasion. Reasons why I haven’t kept up with this section are numerous but here are the two primary reasons. The first reason is time. I have a lot less time now due to work and family than I did when I first started that section. Thus, my focus has been elsewhere as it can take me a few hours to read through the Dev Blog posts for the week, research what I need to to do my write up and then get to work typing. The final reason, is the the Dev Blog posts are becoming more of a topic for the Community Contributors as well as becoming more accessible as they are being posted outside of Facebook – I know, not everyone has Facebook! I am not a fan of over saturation of the same information and would rather offer fresh and unique information and opinions.

The final piece of news, while a bit irrelevant due to the nature of it, is that about a month ago, I was accepted into the Supertester program. Due to the fact that I am under NDA when it comes to anything new, it will allow me to have a better feel for new ships coming out so when I do decide to do a review on them, I’ll have a decent handle on them by the time they’re released. If I do post anything before public release, it will be labeled as a Work in Progress. That is all for now. Happy Sailing!

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