In the last 2 years or so of playing this game I’ve noticed an increasing skill gap at the higher tiers, particularly tier 10. This is most noticeable on the weekends especially to veteran players. So why does this happen? Why is there such a skill gap? While I do not have concrete explanations for these questions, I do have some theories.

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors are the bane of any semi serious gamer or even a serious casual one. These are your players that, for one reason or the other, only get to play on weekends. As a result, they are rarely well practiced or knowledgeable about many aspects of the have. They are just there to play and have fun. While we are all there to have fun, in a game where players of any skill can make it to the top eventually, and with only 12 players to a team, one sub par player makes a difference. This I’m afraid, hurts everyone.

Skill Gap

Directly related to the weekend warrior issue, the first skill gap theory has to do with unpracticed players being able to make it to tier 10 just by putting time into the game. This of course can be via PvP or, more painfully, PvE. What this can equate to is a player with high tier ships, but little to no experience versus human players OR, as mentioned earlier someone who just can’t keep up with the skills necessary to be competitive at the higher tiers.

The second theory has to do with the grindy nature of the game. Most importantly, how little, in comparison to World of Tanks for example, it takes to get to tier X. With so little time taken to learn and become familiar, and I dare say even intimate, with some of the nuanced mechanics of the game before they reach top tier, newer players just aren’t ready. Compared to players with thousands of battles and multiple tier 10 ships, these players are just torpedo fodder. While I can’t ask that players don’t rush through to tier 10, I would ask that they take the time to learn the game better before they consider playing tiers 9 & 10 with and against other humans. This can be done through YouTube videos or watching Twitch streamers or of course, just practicing more at the lower tiers. I know the point of the game it to get to tier 10, but my final recommendation here is make it to tier 7 or 8 on a line and either play there for a little while, or try another line or ship type. That way, if you are a regular player, you should have a good grasp of the game and should have around 1000 battles or more. That seems to be the point where I’ve noticed regular players start to improve more rapidly if they put in the effort. Much before that and they just lack the experience – usually.

Your thoughts on his are certainly welcome. While these are only theories, they are based on playing this game since closed beta with nearly 6,000 battles. So I have seen my fare share of these types and have even myself, been one of those players that rushed to tier 10 but had to learn my way through it. Thankfully got me though, the population was far fewer then then there are now, and there were no rentals.

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