This season of ranked has been pretty good for me. Though the last day or so has been rough, it has otherwise been quite productive. However, I would like to get my thoughts across on the two big issues with ranked this season – carriers and rentals.


Starting with carriers. While there haven’t been too many, and they are limited to 2 per game thankfully, they still pose such a large issue they are hard to ignore. Just like with the previous version pre-0.8.0, the better CV player gives their team the clear advantage. Similarly with the team that has better destroyer players, as these two ship types are so important in ranked. However, it’s the constant attacks and large amounts of damage, particularly from dive bombers that causes the most headaches – at least for me. While in my Kremlin, for example, I can sit bow in and stationary to another battleship and not worry about taking consistent 15-20k salvos. I can’t do that when a CV is in game. Sure, that might be the point – to discourage static play – but to hit 2-3 15-20k salvos in the period that it takes a regular battleship or even cruiser to reload is a bit much. Then to come back and cause flooding or more fires with torpedo bombers or fighters is just ridiculous. While I can, and often do try to maneuver, that is often not enough to mitigate most of the damage, particularly if the alternative is to offer too much broadside to other ships. But I digress.


This is probably the topic that is complained about the most this season. While carriers are annoying – and still not balanced to put it nicely – the rentals and how they are implemented could have been done better. To be honest, the concept of rentals is not a bad idea. I’ve played a lot of tier 10 battles and own several, but not all of them. So for those that are considered “experienced” players at the tier 10 level, but don’t have say the Kurfurst yet, but want to play it in ranked, can thanks to the rentals. However, the problem lies with the fact that in order to play ranked with a rental you need to A) have reached account level 14 – which can be done in 200 battles and B) play a battle in a tier 8+ ship, which can be accomplished with a credit card. There in lies the problem. You can have players with just over 200 battle participating in ranked. These players, unless they are on a second account, are not nearly experienced enough to play at this level and NOT be a problem for their own team. This is where everyone has an issue – in experienced players getting into a competitive game mode that required, skill, knowledge and teamwork. It’s never fun being effectively down a player – or 2 or 3 – right from the start. It’s a huge disadvantage to a team and is unfair to the players that have worked and earned their tier 10’s. In my opinion, for future ranked seasons, should they wish to keep rentals, they should put a higher RANDOM battle cap than what currently exists. While it won’t solve the problem of having unbalanced teams in terms of skill, it should help reduce the experience gap.

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