This article was brought upon by a post on the NA WoWs Forums and I believe it is as good a topic as any. In this brief article I’ll cover what I believe makes a good clan leader, both as a person who has been in clans and also traits that I try to keep as a leader myself. I’ll also mention the structure of leadership in my current, why it’s structured that way and some of the benefits to that.

Good Leader Qualities

As mentioned earlier, the impetus for this article came from a post the forums which can be found here. Though the many contributors to the topic post some great qualities (which you can read yourself) I’ll cover only mine here. Those are as follows:

  • Leads by example
  • Not afraid to delegate or ask for help from someone who might be more capable in a certain area of expertise
  • Is capable of viewing things objectively
  • Can see both sides of an argument or opinion, even if it differs from your own
  • Can work as a member of a team effectively
  • Doesn’t micromanage
  • TRUST your subordinates (if your leadership structure supports it)

In my experience over the years, both in WoWs and other games, is that if a commander or leader possesses these qualities, the clan tends to be better for it. They are more cohesive and are more friendly among the members. Further, member retention is higher and squabbling is minimized. They also extend beyond WoWs clans to not just other games but also as qualities of a leader in real life. So let’s now talk about what I the structure in my clan to make the most out of the qualities mentioned above.

Odd Clan Structure

Just about every clan I have been in has the typical structure of the Leader/Commander with some combination and number of subordinates below them. Sometimes the structure is based upon rank, such as that in the military where there really isn’t any ‘democracy’ and decisions are made top down. Other times there is a bit more democracy but still noticeably structure with a single ‘leader’ who tends to make a majority of the decisions. While the previous structure of my current clan was more akin to the latter, the lead to some burn-out issues with the previous commanders. So when I was asked to take the helm I made some changes to the structure to help mitigate this. The result was mirrored around small local government or council type structures. This structure is as follows.

We have a 5 member board with a chairman (myself) with the 4 others providing specific roles that might otherwise be covered by a sole leader such as recruitment, competitive, organizing divs or operations, etc. This takes the weight of the shoulders of a singular individual to run the show. Furthermore, as with other democratic structures, many important decisions are voted on, usually within the council itself, if not the clan as a whole. So far, as so many of us are ‘older’ and have jobs and families, this has worked out well as duties are split and the stress of one man running the show is diminished. Though it is still in the early stages I have high hopes as the structure works well in the other places it has been used for over a century. If it doesn’t we’ll make changes and I’ll let you know. Finally, if you’re interested in this structure in more detail, let me know by messaging me on our Discord!

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