What I’m referring to here is stats. Why do some players choose to hide their stats, while most, don’t? In this article, I’m going to briefly touch on some speculative reasons why someone would hide their stats, the pros and cons and will also touch on my reasoning why I think it is a bad idea. As a foreword though, easily view a players stats while in game is typically done with Matchmaking Monitor, which I tend to run on a second monitor while in-game.


There are two primary reasons why I see people hiding their stats. The first, and likely most common, is to avoid stat shaming1. For those players that just want to have fun, I can certainly see this as a valid reason. Though stat shaming is not as prevalent in this game as it has been in other titles, such as World of Tanks, it does happen. What I do tend to see more is a players stats mentioned in battle if their play choices reflect it or to determine threat level as opposed to calling them a noob at the beginning of a battle just because their stats are poor.

The second reason for hiding your stats is to avoid being focused if you are a particularly skilled player. I have to admit I have hid my stats for this reason, especially on weekends and did notice (perhaps confirmation bias?) that I wasn’t getting focused as much and survived matches more often. While it did appear to work in that respect, I could not keep track of my own progress as an improving player so I ceased that practice. Once again, this is a valid reason, but you as a player are unable to track your own progress easily and if you’re like me, that’s not good.

Why I Think Hiding Your Stats is Bad

I personally don’t like it when people hide their stats, particularly with the new meta changes lately and here’s why. If you’re on my team, I like to know who I can count on to pull their weight against the enemy, to be able to back me up on a flank or not. While I will not stat shame a player, if I see that their stats are below average, I will be less inclined to trust that they are able to hold their own in a 1v1 or 2v2. As such, if that player is with me against 3 other enemies on a flank or sector, for example, I may abandon that to support the fleet than not make a worthy trade. I’m of more use to the team as a set of guns, even in a lemming train, than queuing up for the next battle because I got sunk thinking I could count on a teammate. Conversely, if I see the player has decent stats, I will likely try to communicate a plan of action if we are on a flank to either hold or push, whichever is more beneficial to the team.

If you are on the opposing team, I like to know what I am up against, both as a member of the team and as an individual player. I try to focus the better players and remove them from the match quickly while less skilled players I try to either ignore if they are in a good position or punish if they are not (though that goes for ANY player). Further, if they are in the same type of ship, it lets me know if it’s a battle I can win if I go 1v1, in those rare instances.

In Closing

While my personal opinion will probably have very little impact on most players choice on this matter, I find stats to be, at the very least, useful in tracking my own progress and improvement as a player. This is something that I feel every player should consider, improvement. With sites like wows-numbers.com that not only allows you to see your current stats, but track your progress over time, I find that invaluable. Plus, it offers other stats not used to calculate PR, such as survival rate, to help you evaluate other aspects of your game play other than damage. For more information on PR, stats and skill metrics look at my previous articles.

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  1. Berating or hazing a player for having poor stats, particularly at higher tiers

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