The game in its current test state is a frustration for me. Every week a new micro patch is released tweaking some facet of the CV or AA or CV-Ship interaction mechanics. While I understand the necessity of doing it this way, I’m still not a fan. There were/are just not enough players that participate in the test servers the same way they do on the live server to get reliable data. Further, due to the overall lack of players, we wouldn’t have found all the ‘unique’ styles of play and what would otherwise become exploits, that make the Hak so powerful upon release. My solution to this frustration is that my game play has been very minimal. While I enjoy the game immensely, I play it to have fun and relax. This typically means playing a mix of cruisers, destroyers and battleships. If I can’t effectively play what I want then it’s no longer fun. Plain and simple. So I play a few games here and there to keep up with what’s going on but it doesn’t take too long before I get frustrated and decide I’ve had enough. I don’t want to hate the game, but I am currently not very happy with it and all the over tweaked changes.

I have always enjoyed games with more polish, and while I know this game, by nature, is ever evolving, right now it’s a bit too rough around the edges for my liking. That’s just my opinion. I’ve seen some people blaming the CC’s for the state of the game, like they’re the only ones supplying WG with data on how the rework has changed things, but they’re not. Every player who jumps in a game with or as a CV provides them with data. Sure, some of the CC’s are ‘overly’ optimistic and not very critical of bad game change decisions, they didn’t make those calls – WG did. These are just players who are trying to play the game, keep you informed and educated, and still enjoy themselves.

While I don’t play CV’s, though maybe I will once this all smoothed over, I have been keeping up with the cause and effect that these patches have had. One week you are very effective (a little too effective), then you’re not, then you’re effective, then you’re useless. This roller coaster can’t be enjoyable. It certainly isn’t from 10,000ft. Right now, with the focus being the effectiveness against DD’s, who from 0.8.0 to 0.8.3, were rendered nearly useless at high tiers if a CV was in game, tweaks are still to come. One class at a time it seems. Though I believe that the likelihood that CV’s will become this balanced class is almost nil (how can you balance and in-game class based on historic figures when historically they forever changed naval warfare), they are moving in the right direction. If not 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

In the future, if WG continues to keep CV’s in the game, I would like to see them be effective against all classes but not the counter to any. I believe that is truly the only way to balance them. They do seem to be getting closer to this, and while spotting is still an issue, how long will it take for them to get it right and at what cost? Both to the community and to WG? I just hope it happens sooner rather than later and the consequences don’t include killing a game.

I know where my patience begins and ends with things (typically), which is why I’ve significantly limited my in-game random battles. With that said, I am just one data point and a casual one at that. To those players that play multiple games a day, including CC’s, frustrated or not, thank you for providing WG with the data they need to make things better. I know I can’t, so I don’t, but someone has to. Let them play the way the want, let them have fun, hell, let them be salty if they want (that’s what your reports are for), but these changes are here and more are yet to come. We need people who can play to provide both data points and constructive feedback to make this game better. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. It might be right, it might be wrong, but its mine and I own it. Feel free to share yours but if it differs from yours, make it a debate, change my mind, don’t make it a flame fest. Please.

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