If this name sounds familiar to you but aren’t quite sure who is is you’re probably not alone. This individual tends to run under the more well known pseudonym, The Might Jingles. Some months ago I had the privilege of having an interview with him and it was quite the show, so to speak. If you haven’t listened to it, you can find it here. What brings upon this article though was his Mingles with Jingles episode today, which if you haven’t watched, stop reading, and go watch it now.

Now that that is over, on to my point. I have enjoyed watching Jingles since my World of Tanks days. Though his videos were always very informative, he always made it a point to mention how ‘crap’ he was – quite the humble character he is. Even if he is not the best player, he knows the basics and is able to ‘teach’ those willing to learn and be entertaining while doing it. More to the point however, since you have now watched his latest Mingles with Jingles episode, the first 10 minutes are what I want to bring your attention to initially, though the first half is what cements this whole article together. He started off by reading a letter from the 11-year old ‘Dave’ from Nepal. This quickly went into a history lesson about the Gurkha rifle regiments of which he had some experience with from his Royal Navy days. He read, what I assume to be only a few sentences from the letter and then went on a 9 minute tangent. Most importantly though, it was an informative one. Now before typing this article I had to ask myself, “Is this something he does to fill time for his videos?” Based upon the multitude of videos that he has done plus my own experience with a nearly 2 hour interview based on 23 questions, I would say no. He did the same thing with me. Sure, he could have answered by questions simply, but that clearly isn’t the Jingles way. He has stories to tell and ‘wisdom’ to share. It’s probably why people enjoy watching him so much and why this 11-year old has become and enamored with him and referred to him as ‘Grandpa.’ As laughable as that is, and I certainly had a chuckle, I have been fortunate enough to have had those individuals in my life who do have stories and wisdom to share. Including my own grandfather who though in failing mental health, is still alive and kicking and will be 91 this year.

More to the man, Jingles, himself. Though I have never met him, my nearly 2 hour long chat with him has given me a better idea of who he is aside from what we’ve see from his videos. Despite his localized YouTube fame, he immediately granted me the interview when requested and aside from some scheduling fun, was able to site down and chat with me within a few weeks. To put that in perspective, I’ve requested interviews with a few others that provide content for World of Warships and have NOT been given the same courtesy. +1 for Jingles -1 for them. Furthermore, and back to his video this morning, he goes on to apologize for both is physical inability to gift the requested ships to ‘Dave’ due to them no longer be available, but most importantly, gives his thanks to ‘Dave’s’ father’s service and sacrifice. For those that paid attention to that part, you could hear he meant it.

Well enough of this out of me. In short, his video today really made me think and sparked an interest in writing an article to the man, the myth, the legend, the Mighty Jingles. A man with wisdom and character and should you ever have the opportunity to chat with him take it, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time!

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