It’s a snowy day here so time for a ship review. Though she has been out for a while, I feel I have logged enough games in it to finally give her a proper review.


HMS Daring –

Daring is the Tier X Royal Navy destroyer. She has 3 dual 113mm gun turrets with 2 in the front and one at the rear. What makes these unique is that the rear turret can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to easily keep all guns firing in front of you while moving. Like the rest of the RN ships with torpedoes, she can fire either narrow or single fire spreads. While the narrow spreads can be very situational and take some getting used to to hit moving targets, they are a great tool for those bow in ships. With a high rate of fire and an 8% base fire starting chance, the Daring is a great ship for DoTs and can certainly pump out the damage. Her AP is just as formidable though. With the British cruiser style SAP ammo, she can rip into broadside destroyers in a knife fight with ease. Further, do not hesitate to use her AP on any other broadside ship either, just remember to aim for the superstructure. While the Daring does have the highest DPM of all the destroyers, due to differences in hit points, especially when Survivability Expert has been taken, trading with either the Haragumo or the Gearing would leave you either sunk or on dangerously low health respectively. Also, trading with the Khaba, unless you are using AP, will also not end well in your favor due to its 50mm plating which will only shatter your HE.


My recommended build for this ship, which seems to work well for me thus far is as follows.

Captain Skills

For this ship to really serve you well, I recommend a minimum of a 14 skill commander. Start off with Priority Target, then Last Stand (she is a destroyer after all), Superintendent, IFHE and Concealment. After you have gotten those, you can unlock Preventative Maintenance and Radio Location. While Superintendent and premium consumables grants you 7 smoke charges, it’s the heals and hydro that bring me to this choice. Though only having a 3km range, the hydro will last 3 minutes base, allowing you to have it running the entire game after cool-downs. With the Hydroacoustic Search Mod I, you increase the run-time to 216 sec, or just over 3.5 minutes. Though you’ll never use all of your charges, the extra duration can come in handy. With 19mm of armor all around and a 6km concealment, she takes damage quickly and easily and those extra heals have made a difference if you prefer to play more aggressively. Concealment expert is a must on this ship as is IFHE. Due to the low caliber of the guns, she cannot penetrate other destroyers with her HE without it. This is what raises the skill requirements of this ship considerably. Finally, due to not being the stealthiest of destroyers, or having the longest range torpedoes, having RPF will help locate or warn you to the presence of another destroyer.

Upgrade modules

This is a pretty standard hybrid destroyer build with the added exception of the hydroacoustic search module so not too much needs to be said.


  • Highest DPM of all the Tier X Destroyers
  • Excellent fire starting chance
  • Excellent AP pen angles
  • Fast torpedo reload
  • Single Fire Torpedoes
  • Hydroacoutsic search consumable
  • Heal
  • Fast acceleration
  • Shortest smoke cool-down between charges
  • Rear turret rotates 360 degrees


  • A slow destroyer with no speed boost consumable
  • Middle of the road detectability
  • 10km torps
  • Short smoke duration – only 40 s
  • Small gun caliber requires IFHE to do damage to other destroyers with HE
  • Hydro is only for defensive use due to 3km range

Competitive Changes

Due to the detectability of this ship and its relatively slow speed, she is not considered a competitive choice for something like clan battles. As she currently stands, she is out spotted by the Gearing, Yueyang, and Grozovoi and everyone can outrun her. Though she cannot outspot the Z-52, the Z-52 is much faster and has hydro that significantly outranges that of the Daring. Thus I would propose at a minimum, a base speed increase. Other considerations would be the speed boost consumable or a concealment buff. As a potential balance, increasing the torpedo reload time by 15-20 seconds would likely serve it well without changing the identity and utility of this destroyer.


The Daring is a fun ship to play and can do really well in the right hands. Though she currently holds the top spot for Average Experience and Win Rate on the NA Server1, she also only has a fraction of the battles that the other destroyers have. While I do not see this as being much of an issue for average XP, her win rate will likely drop over time as more captains get her. She can be one of the harder destroyers to play due to detection and her short duration smoke. So while you can’t farm damage in her as long as you could in some of the other destroyers, popping your smoke to break line of sight from another ship hurts a lot less as a result of 7 charges vs 3 or 4. Overall, she is a joy to sail and one of my favorite destroyers so far. I have had good games and bad, but when they are good, they tend to be great. Nothing like surprising a ship with a line of single fire torps as they round a corner or hitting a bow in Stalingrad who thinks he’s untouchable. If you don’t have her yet and enjoy ships like the Gearing, she’s an excellent choice. Work your way up the line and savor the Lightening and Jutland (better tier for tier than Daring in my opinion), you won’t regret it!

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