With the holidays behind us and with 2019 in full swing it’s time to get back to business. Wargaming is planning on starting the New Year with a bang (or a flop) with the release of update 0.8.0 and the CV rework in the next few weeks.1 Hot on the heals of other controversial game mechanic changes, which I plan on discussing more in a future article, the CV rework appears to be – rushed. The beta tests I did not feel lasted long enough to get enough data to make the necessary tweaks so that the game play would be viable. Here we are with the CV Rework and 0.8.0 scheduled to go live to all servers and it is not ready, in my opinion.

The two biggest challenges here, as I mentioned in my earlier CV rework articles and no surprise, still an issue, are the unlimited aircraft versus very limited AA. This in particular is a huge concern for me. First off, AA mounts can and will be destroyed overtime. This has always been a mechanic and added a good spot for balance when you could de-plane a CV. However, it is not the case anymore. Further, the AA now seems very lackluster in its ability to do anything to an incoming attack. Even ships that are currently considered some of the strongest AA platforms in the game do nearly nothing to deter or dent an incoming attack. This is where I have my biggest concern. If a player decides to invest in the skills and modules to shoot down enemy planes in patch 0.8.0, but can still be consistently struck for 10k damage before DoTs with near impunity, what’s the point? We all know the CV’s will be in queue en-mass when the patch drops and if there is nothing we can do to defend ourselves, players will quickly become frustrated and stop playing. That’s bad for the game and frankly, bad business. Fix these problems Wargaming! For a game that begs players to spend money (but does not require it), this is bad business and many people will be sure put not only their time but money into something else.

For videos regarding the AA ‘effectiveness’, check out these videos by Notser (I’m sure there are others but these were specific tests)

Please Note: These are from the Public Test server so things could change.

I’ll avoid discussing the compensation model for aircraft carriers in detail but I do wonder how long this ‘program’ will last? Though I will be unaffected by it, I can see this being very frustrating for many CV mains. If they have not been active in the Beta or Public Tests, or even if they have, the may not be very happy that they have wasted so much time getting good at this class to have it changed so drastically. More importantly though, as this is probably going to change even more in future patches, perhaps making CV’s funner to play and more balanced, will these players wish to come back to CV’s after this trial period? Further, will this special Aircraft Carrier category in the inventory still be there if they still decide it’s not for them?

In other 0.8.0 news…Both Ranked Season 11 and Supply Lines is scheduled to return with the new update. Supply line good…Ranked is questionable at best. A bit more detail on that though. About a year ago when I reviewed the ranked season at the time, I had mentioned that tier 9 would make for a decent tier to use, this of course was before all the other premiums were introduced, such as the Black, Kronshtadt, Musashi, and Jean Bart, most of which are pretty exclusive due to their price and ‘payment type.’ Previously, there was only the Missouri, but with these others, plus the upcoming Alaska, this will be a very unbalanced season especially if one side is flooded with these ships.

All these are speculations based on information that is currently available to me and the general public. Things could change, especially for the CV’s which I could only hope for but Ranked Season 11 seems pretty much carved in stone. We’ll have to see and Ill let you know more in February! Until then, subscribe and check back for new articles coming soon.

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  1. Full Public Test details can be found here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-080/

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