With clan battles in full swing, it might be worth informing you how I come up with strategies for our matches. This quick review will go over the important aspects of my thought process while mentioning successes and failures.


The first thing I try to look at it who is playing. Are they our A-Team? Are they subs? What are their known strengths and weaknesses? This of course includes what ships they have available, how often the play them (know them), and how competent they are in them. This information allows me to make determinations on whether a player might be better suited in a heavy or light cruiser, flaking or main force, taking a cap, or if someone else should take the battleship slot so I can fill another gap in our fleet.


Shortly after a see who is available for clan battles I try to make a decision on which ships to take. Factors here include the strengths of the players, what ships they have, as well as the meta that is current in clan battles. Certain ships counter one another better than others. Based upon what I know of all the ships I can say that one choice is better than another, such as a Gearing over a Shima. This allows for a competitive team. Further, if I notice a change in the meta, such as an increase in destroyers or light cruisers, I might opt to swap out a Henri for a radar Mino.

In-Game Decisions

Once the team and ships have been selected and we have loaded into a match the fun begins. This works best with experienced players that know the maps and the capabilities and limitations of their ships and others such as detection range and if they can fire over islands and which islands. The makes calling at the beginning of a match more generalized with less need for specifics, allowing for a faster start. An example might be if I can tell a Des Moines to go to the island at E5 to cover B cap, the experienced player will know where and how to position without detailed instruction.

Things I try to consider when placing the fleet include the composition of the enemy team and their skill level with the help of Matchmaking Monitor. A team heavy on destroyers, for instance, will likely push a flank as one group, while one with a few Henri’s might put them in the farthest flank while the rest of the team hold. The amount of radar, coupled with skill plays a huge role in how I view the enemy and how we should position. Too many lightly armored ships on a main point will likely hurt us, but using them to flank might be advantageous. This can also lead to a determination, as well as the map, on which caps to focus on and how aggressively.

As the battle progresses, player positioning will likely change. Pushing versus holding a position or flank, which ships to focus – it can be very much like a game of chess. Ships like the Stalingrad are game changers with their large guns, heavy armor and radar, they are a significant threat. Thus, they need to be focused as they are usually some of the better and most experienced players on a team.

Post Battle Thoughts and Future Considerations

At the end of each battle, be it a victory or defeat, I try to consider where we succeeded and where we failed. What mistakes were made, were those mistakes corrected immediately or do they need to be addressed? Where did we succeed? We’re those successes luck or due to skill and things that we should try and repeat in the future? Simple enough to think about but the effects of which can be significant. Thankfully for our group, most know when and where they screwed up and know how to prevent it from happening again. However, where I notice we have an issue is map awareness. Perhaps this happens when we’re all preoccupied with targets or avoiding radar, but on more than one occasion it led to the unnecessary loss of a teammate and perhaps even the loss of that match.

In any case, these are what I consider and think about before during and after a clan battle. Nothing this perfect and we will lose on occasion, especially as we move up the ranks. Further, I’m not a prodigy strategist, but I can work well with what we got and so far, they work well with me so let’s get some!

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