For many, clan battles is the ultimate in competitive game play for World of Warships. It allows the average Joe clan to compete against other clans, often of similar skill level, to gain flags and other valued resources such as coal, doubloons and steel. This of course in turn allows you to ‘purchase’ unique ships such as the Jean Bart and the Stalingrad. But what makes this game mode fun and exciting? After all, there are nearly half as many targets to shoot at, it tends to be more passive than randoms and it can be just as costly to play, if not more so than randoms due to the fixed income. So what is it?

Team Play

For me, what makes this fun is the cooperative game play. You are with other clan mates, usually around your own skill level, communicating and working together. Further, your against a team who is playing the same way, often of a similar skill level as well. This can make the match challenging without any more added stress. It’s this cooperative play that makes the game most fun for me; even when I experience it in randoms, especially outside of a division. Due to the nature of this mode though, it’s guaranteed (usually) that your team will indeed work as a team to complete the goal of winning – not damage farming or yoloing to complete some other personal or other combat mission. You win as a team and you lose as a team.


Unlike the other average Joe competitive mode, Ranked, Clan Battles (CB) allow for preparation. Your team can come up with strategies for the different maps, play to the strengths of each teammate in regards to their ship choice and play style, and then execute them in a coordinated fashion once in battle. Further, due to CBs being at tier X, the ships are far more balanced than at other tiers, meaning ship choice – in a pinch – is not as crucial as that of lower tiers. Now anyone who has played the game long enough knows that certain ships fit certain purposes better, and for CBs there are those that are better than others. That aside, the predictability of knowing who will have what and their competence in those ships adds to the ability to plan properly. Also, as it is worth noting, since your clan will come across other clans that are just better, you can learn from what they did or didn’t do, that led them to beat you. Learning is key.


Like I noted earlier, the balance in this mode, at least ship to ship, is very good due to being at tier X. The most important part of balance here, in my opinion, is the lack of CVs. This makes this mode a lot easier to play for any number of reasons. The first, is you don’t have to worry about AA spec’ing every ship, thus allowing for more useful skills. Further, it allows destroyers to focus more on spotting and capping instead of hiding from planes. Finally, due to the more static nature of competitive play and the necessity to hold positions, CVs would completely destroy enemy ships, most likely within one drop. As there is only on BB allows in battle, and the Midway now carries AP bombs that absolutely decimate cruisers, which make up a majority of each team, it would make for very short battles and that’s not fun or enjoyable.


If you enjoy World of Warships as much as I do and really enjoy when you get to have team play, don’t care of CV’s, and overall just enjoy a ‘good’ stressful but fun game, Clan Battles are the way to go. The rewards are great, the excitement is enjoyable and if you’re a tier X junkie like me, you can’t go wrong. So find a good clan, one that fits your personality with players that can compliment your play style and off you go. If you can’t find one, start one. Last I knew it costs (sadly) about 2,500 doubloons or about a months worth of premium time. Which ever you decide or what works for you, CBs is worth it.

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