The ‘Hidden’ Mechanic

The basis for this article will be to discuss a lesser known mechanic in the game – the targeting dispersion buff. If you are unaware of what this is, you’re probably not alone which is the point of this article so let’s get started. What is it? When you put your targeting reticle over a […]

Considerations for a Strategy

With clan battles in full swing, it might be worth informing you how I come up with strategies for our matches. This quick review will go over the important aspects of my thought process while mentioning successes and failures. Players The first thing I try to look at it who is playing. Are they our […]

Why Use a Hammer When You Can Use a Ram

This seems to be the method in which WarGaming has been using to balance ships and classes lately. When something with a bit more testing and finesse could have been used, instead the opt for the more aggressive and frankly, overzealous approach. I speak primarily of the nerf to the Yeuyang and to Battleships in […]

Why I Don’t Stream or YouTube…Yet

One of the things that gets brought up from time to time, particularly since I’d like to become a CC is “Why don’t I stream or put videos up on YouTube?” The short answer is time and internet. I currently lack the consistency in my work and personal schedule to be able to stream or […]

Santa Containers are Here!

The 2018 Santa Clause containers are here and there are 3 types – Santa’s Gift, Big Gift and MEGA Gift! Before the “quantity” discount, they sell for $1, $3 and $5 per crate respectively but are they worth it? If you have watched any of the videos that have already been posted they certainly can […]

Let’s Talk About Clan Battles

For many, clan battles is the ultimate in competitive game play for World of Warships. It allows the average Joe clan to compete against other clans, often of similar skill level, to gain flags and other valued resources such as coal, doubloons and steel. This of course in turn allows you to ‘purchase’ unique ships […]