Three posts were made this week on the Dev Blog page. The first post discussed the changes to the up and coming British Destroyers. All RN DDs tiers VI through X, have been given Hydro – 2 charges for standard and 3 for premiums. The focus of the RN hydro will be for torpedo detection with a detection range for both ships and torpedoes out to 3km and lasting 3 minutes (180 sec). The their IX and X ships, Jutland and Daring, will also receive the heal consumable and improved ricochet angles for their AP rounds. These rounds will have the same ricochet angles as the American cruisers making them deadly in knife fight against any other destroyer should they use AP due to the low arming threshold of 19mm of the 114mm guns. With the improved ricochet angles and superior DPM, any Darling captain who can shoot and opts for AP vs another DD should win the battle. Finally, the devs have increased the reload time of smoke across the board for the RN DD’s by 10 sec as well as fixed a turning radius bug where the actual turning radius was larger than it should have been.

The next of the 3 posts focused on the incoming premium French ships, the destroyer Le Terrible and the battleship Jean Bart. They have made numerous buffs to Le Terrible citing that she has been “lagging” behind other same tier DD’s. These buffs include a 1 sec reload reduction, now 6 sec between shots, increased the firing range to 12.27km from 11.24km, turret rotation increased to 10 degrees instead of 7 and improved the firing angles, especially those of the 5th turret. Further, they reduced the reload time of the torps from 90sec to 77sec with better speed (65 knots), better damage (18,400) but reduced their range to only 8km. However, they also removed the smoke generator, which could spell the end for this fast, but large DD. As for the Jean Bart, they nerfed her Sigma from 2.0 to 1.9. This could pose an issue, and some have already voiced concern for this, but at tier 9, that brings her on par with the Americans, thus making her dispersion characteristics as good as opposed to better than others in her tier. Further, with the Main battery reload booster, she’s more akin to fighting at close to medium rand where it can be more useful and where sigma is less noticeable.

The final post from the Dev’s this week revolves around some changes to the Alaska. Her fighting capacity has been buffed with a reduced rudder shift time (13.8 to 13.1), decreased detection at sea (16.2km to 15.5km) and while in smoke (12.78 to 12.09km), turret rotation increased from 5 to 6 degrees per sec and increased and improved firing angles. However, they increased the fire duration of her and the rest of the Battlecruisers (Stalingrad and Kronstadt) from 30sec to 45sec. With the already increased survivability of these ships, this should help make them a bit easier to eliminate.

That’s all for this week’s Dev Blog Round-up. Stay tuned for future issues!

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