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Making for a Better Gaming Experience

There’s a lot that you can do to your system to improve your gaming experience from making sure things are updated, changing important settings within the Windows 10 OS, managing and modifying the schedules within programs and Windows to not  run while you’re gaming and just overall good maintenance practices. In this guide, I will be […]

World of…Submarines?

Yesterday, Wargaming announced that it will introduce submarines into the gaming during the annual Halloween event. After years of saying that they will never introduce submarines…here they are. From their provided footage, this looks fun so far. They’ve included, hydro, fore and aft torpedoes, and their stealthy demeanor. In their current game mode, they are […]

Weekly Dev Blog Round-up – 9/15/18

Three posts were made this week on the Dev Blog page. The first post discussed the changes to the up and coming British Destroyers. All RN DDs tiers VI through X, have been given Hydro – 2 charges for standard and 3 for premiums. The focus of the RN hydro will be for torpedo detection […]

CV Rework: Opinion/Review

I was hoping to write a review on something else completely this week, but with the work in progress preview for the new CV rework, this definitely claimed my attention. To start though, like most opinion pieces, there will be supporters and detractors. I welcome both, however, if you decide to comment, just be civil. […]