As of late, it appears that the influx of the American light cruisers has relaxed a bit. There is still a decent amount of radar in many games, but nothing like it was with their release. This is making the games a bit more comfortable for the destroyers in return and they are making their way back into Random battles. They are not quite at the level that they were pre-release, but it’s not as common to see games with only 1 DD per side or even none at all. The reduction of the American light cruisers, save the Worcester, has also made games a bit more comfortable for the more flammable battleships as well. There was little more frustrating than having 4k HE salvos lobbed at you ever few seconds and not being able to return the AP favor.

With the recent update of 0.7.8, Clan battles has ended, ushering in the latest season of Ranked. So far, in my limited battles, ranked seems better than last season. Just moving the usage of Tier X back a few ranks seems to have made that difference. Destroyers are scarce due to the higher number of radar ships, but I’m seeing a bit more teamwork and a bit less “saving my star” play. This is a breath of fresh air, especially after season 8 (I can’t speak too much for season 9 and I played it very little, but when I did play, I saw a similar meta to season 8). Though it is still early in the season for Ranked, I do have some higher hopes based on what I have seen already. What are your thoughts so far on this season of Ranked?

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