Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of conducting a little interview with Jingles. Though I say little, it was almost 2 hours long. Long as it may have been it was enjoyable and, as expected, became more of a conversation with the detail that he put into the answers to my questions.

My initial plan was to hive him ‘briefly’ answer my original 25 questions in writing so that I could post them here for all to read, and then later post the audio part. He would email me back the day before the interview saying it would take him days to answer all those questions and yet all I could think of was, “Twenty-five questions? That shouldn’t take very long to type out answers to at all.” As I would find out later, how right he was. Here are just are just a few of the questions and my brief summary of his answers.

  1. In your opinion, what makes Jingles, Jingles?
    Having a big ego but really being all Crap.
  2. How did you get started doing YouTube?
    By accident. I needed a way to keep my World of Tanks replays after the original replays site that I used died and I lost all the replays that I uploaded.
  3. What were you looking forward to most in the game [World of Warships]?
    The Royal Navy, especially the Warspite because of her history
  4. So what is your favorite part of the game?
    The players
  5. The most frustrating part?
    The Players
  6. If you were asked to consult on World of Warships 2.0, what would you make sure was there?
    A Jingles Captain
  7. Where do you see the game going in the next year or two?
    More carriers after the upcoming carrier rebalance and new historical operation game modes.

Disclaimer: Other than some editing for dead space, this is raw audio from the interview. Further, I cannot remember what language was used during this recording so listen at your own risk as there may be words used that are not appropriate for work or younger listeners – this is not YouTube after all!

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
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