Ah the Stalingrad, a ship born to be the best in a game built to be “balanced”, as such, problems were inevitable. Despite a rocky start and more than its fair share of reworks and testing, the Stalingrad’s final stats have been officially announced and WarGaming really didn’t hold back (not in a good way).

These are final changes and soon this ship will be added to the Arsenal for steel exchange.

The basic visibility was changed from 18.72 to 18.12 km with its visibility while firing in or through a smoke screen from the Main Battery has been reduced from 15.58 to 14.87 km.

Defensive Fire was added in a separate slot with 2 consumables stock and 3 with premium. Duration: 60 seconds. (Oh God why….), with an AA damage increase of +100%.

Stalingrad is a Battlecruiser with 305 mm caliber and 72,450 HP, and will feature two types of ammunition: High-explosive (HE) and Armor-piercing (AP).

HE characteristics:

Initial velocity – 950 m/sec; maximum damage – 4500; chance of fire – 33%.

AP characteristics:

Initial velocity – 950 m/sec; maximum damage – 9200; Reduced shell arming threshold – 34 mm; improved ricochet angle settings: automatic ricochet happens at 65 degrees and possible ricochet may happen at 55 degrees. (This is Des Moines level of auto-bounce angles on a battleship with Moskva levels of range and velocity and legendary module Zao accuracy…)

The reload time is 20 seconds, with a  Sigma value of 2.65. The ship has the same dispersion ellipse as Graf Spee meaning that it’s more than an average cruiser has, but less in comparison to a typical battleship. Its maximum firing range  20,350 meters.

Armour layout: This ship will feature an almost identical bow armor loadout to that of Moskva, which means that it will have a 50mm plate that sits at below the waterline and will go almost to the top of the deck, giving the ship a near immunity to all incoming AP and HE fire that hits said belt regardless of caliber for AP, and only Henri (with IFHE) and Hindenburg will be able to counter it. Number of charges of “Damage Control Party” is infinite. “Repair Party” restores 33% of citadel’s damage. Fire duration – 45 seconds.

Detectability radius of Stalingrad is comparable to that of battleships at tier X. The large citadel is the same as that found on the cruiser Moskva, albeit with more armor in all areas excluding the deck. This means that as long as you don’t show broadside to anything and angle your armor correctly, this ship will remain nearly invincible to lethal AP volleys above 30% HP and makes you incredibly resistant against all forms of HE spam and fire damage.

“The Cruisers ballistics allow effective fire at any distance with a high chance of penetration. The unique dispersion ellipse gives this ship pretty high accuracy but at the same time is less efficient than that of any other tier X cruiser.” -WG Development Blog

This will make the Stalingrad more than a match for every ship in the game, as it now has no real weakness to any single or multiple classes unless they attack it in mass. Destroyers will not be able to get close as the Stalingrad has 11.7 km radar and guns that can overmatch every inch of their armor (excluding Khabarovsk), and the Stalingrad is also blessed with Moskva’s unusually strong torpedo belt and more than 72,000 HP, so taking a stray torpedo on the belt won’t be nearly as damaging as it would be to other cruisers.

“The main goal for Stalingrad is to fire against heavily armored targets with armor-piercing shells which deal a lot of damage. Due to reduced shell arming threshold and high-explosive shells this cruiser may battle with other ships as well. It’s worth noting that reduced shell arming threshold has been reduced from 51 to 34 mm and that allows shells to arm at light and medium armored targets and deal more consistent damage. It looks like Stalingrad’s guns have everything needed to make this cruiser a versatile ship, however, its reload time is 20 seconds. To reach maximum efficiency, having a relatively low damage per minute and requirements to its commander, this cruisers owner should chose targets wisely and keep their distance.” -WG Development Blog

(I have no words here….)

“Defense AA Fire” gives Stalingrad protection from aircraft attacks for a long period of time. It also increases bomb dropping zone and torpedoes of the enemy’s aircraft for a minute, though does not give a boost of AA efficiency like other ships with similar consumables. After using this consumable cruiser will be vulnerable to aircraft because of the cooldown of 3-4 minutes.

This is the same for everything with Defensive AA, so attacking the Stalingrad with a non-bottom tier Carrier is just playing the waiting game. Even so, it adds a layer of difficulty that is both unnecessary and acts as just another reason why this ship was not planned well.

“In summary, this cruiser could be effective against any ship class: the amount of HP allows it to fight against battleships, its armor-piercing shells will frighten any cruiser, and destroyers and aircraft carriers can be countered with consumables like “Surveillance Radar” and “Defense AA Fire”. However, players should be attentive to the battle situation. In unfavorable circumstances Stalingrad won’t be able to change position quickly because of weak maneuverability characteristics and the large dimensions of her hull. It will also important to pay attention to close combat situations where Stalingrad is especially vulnerable because of her large citadel and poor agility.” -WG Development Blog

The first sentence shows the Stalingrad’s counter to ALL classes in the game without any modifications or even consumable switching, something no other ship can do. Simply logging into the game without touching a single thing about this ship will give anyone a counter to every class in the game, and carriers are thought to be completely OP and hopelessly broken because they counter *isolated* same or + or – 1 tier battleships and destroyers + or – 2 tiers, only half as many ships as Stalingrad can counter while remaining totally stock and having the ability to deal massive damage to anything within its gun range in a mere 20 seconds, less than 10% of the average strike time of a well-positioned carrier.

“In unfavorable circumstances Stalingrad won’t be able to change position quickly because of weak maneuverability characteristics and the large dimensions of her hull.” – WG Development Blog

“Any forethought on positioning or simply placing an island between you and any single attacking enemy vessel while pointing your impossible-to-overmatch bow armor even in the remote vicinity of the other enemy ships means that you will remain almost immune to taking any form of citadel damage from the bow or even when slightly broadside.” – DrPuffin, Warship News

It is true that a Stalingrad’s broadside is like hitting the barn door from the inside with a widespread shotgun, but that doesn’t matter if you angle ( as you would in a Zao, Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, and literally every other ship in the game with any amour whatsoever), then this ship becomes just a feature of the map, something that will just be there until the match ends. Regardless of whether or not the player behind the helm of Stalingrad knows anything at all about angling, its presence and ability to devastate any ship caught even the slightest bit off guard means that the enemy team can only push so long as they aren’t giving Stalingrad broadside. This not only slows their push but limits there areas across the map they can push without fear of being obliterated by a super-cruiser camping beyond visual range. Just in case no one was paying attention, I do not like this ship in any way and the game will undoubtedly suffer as a result.

  1. Balance changes: British Destroyers.

Please notice that all the info in Dev Blog is preliminary.

For all researched British destroyers the widespread of TT was replaced by a narrow one, which is similar to of British cruisers’ TT.

  • The firing angles of some turrets of British destroyers from Tier III to X has been increased. Wakeful – the ability of #3 turret to rotate 360 degrees has been removed.
  • Icarus – reload time of researched torpedoes has been reduced from 133 to 120 seconds.
  • Jervis – added the ability of #3 turret to rotate 360 degrees. The ability to rotate 360 for the 2nd TT has been removed.
  • Lightning – main battery reload time has been reduced from 5 to 4.5 seconds; the horizontal rotation speed has been increased to 20 degrees per second; the ability to rotate 360 degrees has been added for all turrets.
  • Jutland – the ability to rotate 360 degrees has been added for 1, 2 and 3 turrets; “Fire Control System, Modification 2” is now available for installation; the maximum range of basic hull has been reduced from 12,01 to 11,37 km and from 13,21 to 12,51 on upgradable hull.
  • Daring – for 1, 2 and 3 turrets added the ability to rotate 360 degrees, added the ability to install upgrades “Fire control system Modification 2”, the maximum range has been reduced from 13.78 to 12.78 km.

Restricting the rotation of some turrets was made to bring logical behavior to the armament group on a ship and for synchronous rotation. The range was reduced as hitting ships a such a range proved difficult.

The speed and acceleration settings for all researched British destroyers and Cossack has been improved. These settings are similar to British cruisers. Now destroyers gain their speed faster and lose it less when turning. “Engine Modification 2” is now unavailable for installation.

These changes are intended to improve British destroyers gameplay in melee combat and highlight their role of “defensive” and slow ships, with bigger smoke range and Hydroacoustic Search consumable.

Smoke generator’s settings have been changed for all researched British destroyers, with an emission time of 10 instead of 15. Duration of a smoke screen has been reduced to 40 seconds, as it used to be up to 113 seconds depends on a level.

Cooldown has been reduced from 240 and 160 to 80 and 60 seconds for default and upgraded equipment respectively, and 1 extra charge was granted for premium and non-premium alike.

Updated equipment characteristics will make destroyers more mobile when it comes to tactics and be more efficient in their role of defensive ship. These changes also allow to leave a smoke screen in case of a danger without losing destroyers efficiency.

“We often come across questions about British torpedoes and now we would like to answer to them. We don’t consider any more changes which can influence the whole tech tree besides those we have already announced here. British destroyers are mostly hybrid destroyers and have pretty good weapons with a high chance of setting fires. Moreover, in the current testing stage these ships have two options of torpedo firing: a narrow fan and a single fire. The single fire in a battle gives a nice opportunity to launch torpedoes in a line and increase the chance that all of them will reach an enemy. The single fire also allows to launch limited amount of torpedoes and save other ones for the right moment.” – WG Development Blog

For the 3rd anniversary of World of Warships, which is fast approaching, the dev team has been developing some fun things for the players to do and see. The St. Petersburg port was updated with fireworks and illuminations added. Special for this Birthday, a new category will be added to the Arsenal, as well as a new type of resource.

Dasha Perova will be added as a commander for the first time in World of Warships and will be available only for seven nations – USA, Japan, USSR, France, Great Britain, Germany and Pan Asia, each with Dasha in a special outfit to match the respective nation. New patches and a new campaign are on the horizon with this coming update, with the campaign being a recap of the year’s events.

Added new permo camouflages for Z-23 and Edinburgh.

-3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -10% to the cost of ship’s post-battle service. +50% to experience earned in the battle.

Added new special signals:

Basilisk: +75% XP earned for the battle; +30% credits earned for the battle.

Scylla: +50% XP earned for the battle; +150% Commander XP earned for the battle; +25% credits earned for the battle.

Leviathan: +50% XP earned for the battle; +100% Commander XP earned for the battle; +200% Free XP earned for the battle; +20% credits earned for the battle.

This is still in the testing phase.

“A little while ago in our dev blog we’ve announced adding two new resources: “molybdenum” and “copper”. A lot of players in the comments were concerned about us being too involved with the game’s economics but not the gameplay. According to these players opinions there is a chance that in the future the game could have too many resources and it would be impossible to sort them out. We would like to clear the air and tell you why it’s necessary to have these two new resources.

Technically and according to implementation, molybdenum and copper are resources, but the fact is that it’s more like a player’s skill representation. It’s possible to get them for winning in Typhoon league (molybdenum) and for reaching 1st rank (copper). Players who constantly get to the 1st rank and battle in Typhoon league will now be able to show their skill by highlighting Flint, Black or Stalingrad with unique camouflage which you can buy for copper and molybdenum.

These resources are impossible to convert in any other one. For every passed ranked season, where players reach 1st rank or for clan season, where players have 30 victories in Typhoon league, 1 copper or 1 molybdenum will be given respectively.

Players who have already got camouflages Mustang for Flint and Crocodile for Black, will receive 6 units of copper less.” – WG Development Blog

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