There has been lots of contention about the new game center, at least on the North American forums based upon the 15+ pages of posts and rants at the time of this article. 1 So far I have had no issues (will keep you updated if I do), the overhead is looking good, and the interface is looking nice. Integrated into the game center appears to be the WGChecker tool to check the integrity of the game files as well as open up firewall ports should that be required. It’s nice that this has been integrated as I have seen quite a few posts in the Support forum in regards to issues with the game where the suggestion is to use the WGChecker tool. Further, it allows you to install new instances of the game, such as that for the Public Test or for another region if you felt so inclined. These features can all be found under the Game Settings button for your selected game.

Within the game files themselves, the Game Center appears to have replaced WoWSLauncher.exe, which is where the stock World of Warships shortcut on your desktop points to. As they plan on replacing the Launcher all together I can see why they have done this, however, I would have much rather they created another executable that you could switch back to later and disable the Game Center without too much hassle. As it stands, the Game Center appears to “integrate” with your currently installed games to the point of dependency. 2

So you’ve installed the Game Center, but don’t like it/want it but still want to play your games, what can you do? Well today, it looks like you can revert back to the old launcher if you uninstall and reinstall all. However, WG has mentioned that this will change as they plan to permanently go to the Game Center in the near future. So, from what I have seen in the current release is you can go into the Game Center settings and under General, uncheck Launch Game Center when you start your computer. Once that is done, you can drill into your game folder (default is C:\Games\World_of_Warships) and find the WorldOfWarships.exe in the root of that folder, right click, and Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut). This will launch the game from its base executable without the need for the Game Center. This can be particularly useful if you are having issues with the Game Center that will cause your game to crash.3

Overall and so far, I like the new Game Center. The design is nice, the features are plentiful and I haven’t had any issues as of yet. If you play more than one of the WG games or like to play on more than one server, including the Public Test Server, this appears to be a great addition and will certainly make things easier. Hopefully, WG will continue to work out the bugs in this little app because as it stands, many players seem dissatisfied with its performance and implementation. Like Steam though in the early days, it has its bugs and for a game developer with as many games and servers as WG has, this was an inevitable evolution. I hope you all find this short review helpful and as I find issues (if I do) I’ll be sure to post any solutions that I find.

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  2. It appears that uninstalling the Game Center could be detrimental to the current game installs. I have yet to try to uninstall the GC to test this due to my internet connection which would take forever to re-download the game again. Even though it shows as a completely separate installation in the Control Panel, what I’ve seen in the game files makes me hesitant to try that today. If you have, please let me know what you have found in the comments below.
  3. Disclaimer: Due to the apparent integration within the game files (and not being a software engineer) I cannot guarantee that doing so will eliminate crashes due to the Game Center.

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