Gameplay Updates

As of late, it appears that the influx of the American light cruisers has relaxed a bit. There is still a decent amount of radar in many games, but nothing like it was with their release. This is making the games a bit more comfortable for the destroyers in return and they are making their […]

The Mighty Jingles

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of conducting a little interview with Jingles. Though I say little, it was almost 2 hours long. Long as it may have been it was enjoyable and, as expected, became more of a conversation with the detail that he put into the answers to my questions. My initial plan […]

Weekend Roundup for 8/21/18

Ah the Stalingrad, a ship born to be the best in a game built to be “balanced”, as such, problems were inevitable. Despite a rocky start and more than its fair share of reworks and testing, the Stalingrad’s final stats have been officially announced and WarGaming really didn’t hold back (not in a good way). […]

Secondary Loadouts: Explained

So you want to have a secondary spec’d battleship? Well here are somethings that you’ll want – and need – to know to get the most of those ‘smaller’ guns. The first thing that you need to be aware of is what ships are viable to make use of a secondary build. In my experience, […]

Wargaming Game Center: A Quick Review

There has been lots of contention about the new game center, at least on the North American forums based upon the 15+ pages of posts and rants at the time of this article. So far I have had no issues (will keep you updated if I do), the overhead is looking good, and the interface […]