This week on the Dev Blog Round-up, the World of Warships developers had a big day last Saturday. Their first post mentions the new resources that will be available in the Arsenal, Copper and Molybdenum, which will be used to buy camos for the Flint, Black and Stalingrad. However, in order to obtain these resources you will need to be in a clan in which can obtain at least 30 victories in Typhoon or if you achieve Rank One during ranked seasons. To say the least, the camos, along with those ships, will be pretty exclusive. Further a special camouflage was added for Stalingrad. You will get the basic detectability and enemy dispersion reduction, but you will also get half price of post battle repair, 20% income increase and 100% more XP for every battle that that camo is equipped. No word however, if that camo will be renewable or a one time, permanent purchase. Azur Lane ships were noted to get similar special camos but with only -10% to post-battle service cost and 50% on XP. The last piece of camo released will be for the USS Helena and will have the same benefits as the Azur lane camos mentioned above. However, this camo was the Camo Design Contest’s winner called “Remembrance Night.”


Interface changes were also mentioned this week. First, will be a tweak will be to better sort the different “Additional Content” ship camos. The three categories will be Halloween & Space, Hunt for Bismark and Battle of North Cape, and the Collaboration Ships, such as Azur lane, Arpeggio, High School Fleet, etc. The second tweak, which will be much welcomed for those with high resolutions, will allow for interface adjustments to better fit those high-end monitors.

The third post for last Saturday was the stats for Le Terrible, the upcoming French tier VIII premium destroyer and looking at her stats, she will be just that. With a high hit point pool and 5 big guns she will certainly do some damage. However, those guns have a 7 second reload time, and a fairly slow traverse at 25.7sec for 180˚. She will have a total of 9 torpedoes (3×3) with one per side and the third that is amid ship and can swing to either side. Where this ship will shine will be her maneuverability. With a base max speed of 43kts she is pretty fast, but she will get the French speed boost bringing her to a blistering 51.6kts. When you add the speed flag that will increase her speed even further to 53.75kts, watch out Russian DD’s!

On Wednesday, the devs announce the changes for testing 2 versions of the Stalingrad. The first version received HE rounds with 4500 max dmg, 33% fire chance and an initial velocity of 950m/s. Her firing ranged was dropped to 20,350m from 22,890m, reload time increased to 20sec from 18.5 and turret rotation increased from 4.5 to 5 degrees per sec. Further, her dispersion will be similar to that of the Graf Spee and her AP ricochet angles are back to normal. However, they have ‘recategorized’ some of her 180mm casemate armor to be part of the citadel, effectively making her citadel larger. They balanced this by buffing her Repair Party consumable to restore 33% of her citadel HP as opposed to the usual 10%. This might be a little overkill but we’ll have to see how she performs in battle. The Second version of the Stalingrad will have only AP rounds and have a dispersion ellipse similar to battleships but with a sigma of 2.25 and the ricochet angles of the Des Moines. The final change to this version was the armor thickness required to arm her shells was reduced to 34mm from 51mm. This would make her very effective against heavy cruisers and battleships, but more effective against light cruisers and her chance to overpen will decrease. As a note, these changes for the AP only version must have stirred up a bit of a hornets’ nest as they had to clarify their reasoning in a later post.

The final development change mentioned this week mentions Cross Realm matchmaking for clan battles. In short, this could mean, if implemented, that clan officers would choose the prime time that works best for their clan and participate in clan battles on any server. This has very distinct pros and cons. The pros of course, will allow for a better showing of clan members. Another is you will get to play different clans and perhaps get exposed to new metas. That second part, the metas, can also be a con. Clans set their line-up and positioning based upon the current meta, when that is different on another server, things will certainly be thrown off, for both sides. However, the second, and in my opinion, the biggest downside to this cross server matchmaking, is the ping. If you have a bad internet connection to begin with, and are then forced to play on a server even further away, your ping could become intolerable, making you less useful, if not useless, to you team. But we’ll have to see how they address these issues in time. Until next week Captains!

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