World of Warships Patch 0.7.7.


Go Navy! A new event in World of Warships that, like the “Fire and Water” event of last year, will bring new loot, challenges, and leaderboards for the game and its players. This event requires a level 12 account, which shouldn’t be a problem for most players. There are two teams to choose from, Sharks and Eagles, and both come with their own missions, camos, and top rewards. The Sharks will be representing the new American Cruiser line and their top reward will be a permanent camo for the tier 10 cruiser Worcester. The Eagles will be representing the tier 10 Heavy cruiser Des Moines and the main line and the top reward will be a permanent camo for that cruiser. Additionally, each team will have the opportunity to earn a permanent camo for Salem in their team’s color, red or blue.

Unlike the previous event, Fire and Water, you now have the option of picking your team for each day, a feature that I’m not too fond of, but one that will definitely make the competition fierce for both teams.

The operations Raptor Rescue and Narai have received a bit of an overhaul, with the former having new routes for both the allies and enemies to attack and defend and new UI changes to help the players throughout the battles. Narai gets a new route to the enemy base and a map size change and all operations will be receiving a new achievement and an old one is getting a fix, “Shark Among Shrimps” and “Major Contribution”. The former is only available in Raptor Rescue and Narai and it is received after killing five transport ships, while the latter has been reworked so that it is easier to obtain, requiring only 35% total damage to the enemy fleet instead of the original 50%.

The Arsenal is getting a restock of coupons this time around for any signals, upgrades, or camouflages that you used. It is worth noting that you will not be getting more, but getting a fresh stock, meaning that the number of coupons per update that may keep is limited at 2 for signals (2 for 50% and 2 for 25%) and camouflages, while upgrades and ships will only be getting a maximum of 1. The cooldown on the ship coupon is insane at 1 every 6 updates, so make sure you really wanted that ship.

For ship balance changes (what a can of worms this is going to be), the IJN 100mm guns on the carriers Taiho and Hakuryu, battleship Kii, cruisers Ibuki and Zao, and the destroyers Akizuki and Harekaze are being buffed in penetration from 17 mm to 25 mm stock. This is an insane change that will allow such ships to pen 32 mm of armor with IFHE, something no other destroyer can do (except for the German destroyers with 150mm guns). This isn’t without a price however, as Akizuki will have a increased concealment value of 7.76, instead of 7.56 as it was before. The penalty for firing in smoke was increased from 2.39 to 2.48 and the rudder-shift on both hulls were increased with the the B-hull having a 5.8 second base rudder-shift, a whole 1 second worse than the per-nerf hull. Overall these changes will make the Akizuki a weaker cap contesting ship, but a greater threat to battleships and cruisers due to the HE pen.

Izumo also got a facelift in its deck armor being increased from 32mm to 57mm of armor which can shatter all cruiser HE that it will face (assuming that there are no IFHE Hindenburgs running around in your game), and the detectability is being decreased from an ungodly 19.26 km concealment to a more manageable 17.19 km stock, with the smoke fire penalty being reduced from 19.21 km to 16.8 km. These changes will make Izumo a little more manageable in this era of HE spam.


Yamato is getting a slightly better turret traverse at 3.0 deg/s instead of 2.5, and Ashitaka is getting the same guns from Amagi, 806 m/s shell velocity and 12,600 AP citadel max damage instead of 790 m/s and 12,400 AP respectively. The tier III battleship Kawachi’s reload time on the stock hull is reduced from 33 to 30 seconds, with the following ship tier IV battleship Myogi getting the same buff in addition to turret rotation buff of 4 deg/s instead of 3 deg/s, and 2.0 instead of 1.8 sigma value. These changes are to increase the effectiveness of these ships in battle.

On the other end of the spectrum (nerfs instead of buffs),the tier IX battleship Alsace is getting a 2 second reload nerf making it 32 seconds instead of 30 and a sigma value of 1.6 instead of 1.7, a nerf that is intended to make it more on par with the other battleships at this tier. Emile Bertin is getting a slight DPM nerf from 12 seconds to 13 for its main battery reload time and its torpedos are losing some reload time, about 2k in damage, and 3 km in range. These changes are to make it a more balanced cruiser. Leander is getting a 1 km range buff on its stock torpedos and so is Emerald, with the latter getting a slight detection decrease from 11.52 km to 10.18 km. The Soviet destroyers Podvoisky, Gnevny, and Minsk are getting a turret traverse buff from 6.0 to 9.7 deg/s with Podvoisky having its reload time decreased from 8.1 seconds to 7.5 seconds. These changes were made to improve the balance of these ships. The 102/60 model 1911 gun for tiers II-IV russian destroyers are getting an increase from 8.0 to 9.7 deg/s in turret traverse. The tier IX destroyer Tashkent is getting the same guns as its successor Khabarovsk. Chapayev is getting radar on the A-hull and the 127mm guns on Pan-Asian and American destroyers are having their AP fuse time reduced from 0.03 to 0.01. The tier 3 battleship South Carolina is getting an increase in sigma from 1.8 to 1.9 while the tier 3 battleship Nassau is getting an increase in main battery reload from 22.2 to 26 seconds and it is having one heal removed to increase the balance with this ship.

A new container is added that will specifically give you more resources for the Arsenal (coal) and either flags or free XP if you’re in luck. From now on you may not get “more places in reserve” from any of the containers and super containers will no longer contain special modules, as they are available in the Arsenal.

The list of ships that may be purchased by doubloons from the tech-tree have changed. Graf Spee, Sims, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Okhotnik, Dunkerque, De Grasse, and Duca d’Aosta have been removed and replaced by Prinz Eugen, Warspite, Kidd, Yubari, Ashitaka, Aurora, Murmansk, Aigle, Gascogne, Duca degli Abruzzi, Roma, and Anshan. There are also permanent camouflages for the alternative American cruiser line that my be purchased for doubloons and will have the normal benefits. If so desired, you may turn off the “Go Navy!” event colors and changes in the port screen.

The U.K. destroyers from tiers II-X have been given to super-testers and CCs for testing.

The new consumable “main battery reload booster” has been added to the game for the tier IX battleship Jean Bart  and will decrease the reload by 50% and lasts for 30 seconds. The base cooldown is 120 seconds but can be reduced to 80 seconds or less with premium consumables and flags, with the base charges being 2 and 3 without or with premium respectively.

The UI has also gotten a bit of a change in that you can now see roughly where you are aiming on the map as denoted by a small circle. This is helpful in shooting at smoked up targets or when using the spotter plane.

Other than the previously mentioned changes, a number of small improvements have been made that I will not list in the interest of article length. I like this patch overall and think that all the changes will increase the enjoyment that most players will find with the game.

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