This is the first article in a new series called the Warships Dev Blog Weekly Round-up  or just the Weekly Round-up.These articles will go over everything that is posted in the Dev Blog over the course of a week. The facts will be laid out as well as any thoughts on the changes being introduced or proposed. Articles should be posted every Friday or Saturday so check back or Subscribe!

This week was fairly quiet for the Dev Blog. Only two articles were posted. The first was to mention the continued work on improving the (obnoxious) delay between a ships appearance on the mini-map and them actually be rendered for target acquisition. I have always found this to be one of the most frustrating features of the game. I pre-aim at an area where I know ships to be spotted, see them pop up on the mini-map, and before they are even rendered sometimes, they are gone. Not a shell fired or an HP of damage dealt. The brief synopsis mentions that they are waiting on the testers to confirm that their tweaks are working and with no bugs or degradation to performance and once confirmed, will implementing onto the servers ASAP.

The other article, which was posted today, mentions the celebration of WoWS’ birthday! They’ve spruced up the St. Petersburg port with some fireworks and lights and will be adding a new category to the Arsenal as well as a new resource type – any guesses? However, the more exciting, and probably more anticipated addition will be that of a new commander. This was hinted at in a post and video on the website yesterday ( Those with a keen eye probably figured (by the figure; and feminine hands – sorry Jingles), that the new commander is none other than Dasha Perova! This is a very nice aesthetic addition to the game as all 7 nations have their own stylized and ethnically dressed version of the stunning face of World of Warships. Further, they have added a new 3-year collection similar to that of the 2-year; recounting the events of the past year with little emblems and icons. Finally, the article mentions other new aesthetic additions including 2 new permanent camos for the Z-23 and Edinburgh with -3% to surface detectability range, +4% to maximum dispersion of enemy shells, -10% to the cost of post-battle service and +50% to experience earned in the battle. Also mentioned were new Special Signals:

  • The Basilisk – 75% XP and 30% credits
  • Scylla – 50% XP, 150% Commander XP and 25% Credits
  • Leviathan – 50% XP, 100% Commander XP, 200% Free XP and 20% Credits

Their closing statement was “Localization is underway,” so expect to see these additions soon, likely with patch 0.7.7.

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