Weekly Dev Blog Round-up – 7/29/18

This week on the Dev Blog Round-up, the World of Warships developers had a big day last Saturday. Their first post mentions the new resources that will be available in the Arsenal, Copper and Molybdenum, which will be used to buy camos for the Flint, Black and Stalingrad. However, in order to obtain these resources […]

USS Alaska (CB-1)

A Brief History The USS Alaska (CB-1) was the lead ship and the first of her class of large cruisers and named after the then US Territory, Alaska. [1] As a large cruiser, she was originally designed to counter the Deutchland-class­ pocket battleships like Scharnhorst. She was one of 6 originally ordered by the US […]

Update 0.7.7. Go Navy!

World of Warships Patch 0.7.7.   Go Navy! A new event in World of Warships that, like the “Fire and Water” event of last year, will bring new loot, challenges, and leaderboards for the game and its players. This event requires a level 12 account, which shouldn’t be a problem for most players. There are […]

Power Creep vs. Skill Creep

With many games, particularly grindy games like WoWS and WoT, the discussion of power creep tends to come into play. As content gets added and the game grows and progresses the developers have to introduce new features and content to keep the player base content. However, the inherent consequence of this tends to be power […]

Warships Dev Blog Weekly Round-up 7/20/18

This is the first article in a new series called the Warships Dev Blog Weekly Round-up  or just the Weekly Round-up.These articles will go over everything that is posted in the Dev Blog over the course of a week. The facts will be laid out as well as any thoughts on the changes being introduced […]

Newbie Corner

As this blog has a strong focus on teaching players of all levels about the game, I’ve decided to start the Newbie Corner. The point of this is to division up with more experienced players that are willing to teach you and that can join you in game at your tier to help you improve. […]

Analysis and Deconstruction of PR (Personal Rating)

With Warships.today having been down for sometime (though the site is at least up at the time of writing this article) many players and tools (Matchmaking Monitor) have moved to using the WoWS Stats & Numbers Rating – PR, or Personal Rating to measure a players skill. Very similar in concept and construction to WTR […]