I have long awaited writing this article, like the previous, but have needed some other articles in place first. Many of the previous articles add extra explanation to my reasoning (if you’ve read previous articles) that I just couldn’t possible put into one write-up. So here goes.

  1. Rebalance/rework the battleship lines –  The two original lines, in my opinion, have fallen behind the newer introductions and have lost their unique identities.
    1. Give the Yamato its heal back
    2. Give the USN line its AA identity back – Perhaps Def AA for tiers 8+?
  2. Rework the Conqueror
    1. 419mm guns have slower turret traverse, less HE capabilities, better AP capabilities
    2. 457mm better overall accuracy and sigma, FAR lower fire chance, less range than 419mm
  3. Keep the ability for BB’s to do full penetration damage to DD’s in game (if they are nose in at close range) but certainly reduce the frequency – Broadside vs. Angled. vs Bow-in?
  4. Give captains 20-points vs 19
  5. Rework some of the captain skills again – many are not very useful or are too expensive for their use while others are just a given on certain ship types, if not all types of ships. Concealment comes to mind
    1. Certain nations get certain skills (reduced vs free?) based on that ship type and nations unique identity – ie USN BB’s captains inherit Manual AA <- This could negate the need for a 20-point captain
  6. Find a way for MM to filter players with premium ships out of PvP battles that have yet to acquire that tier of ship in the tech tree ie if a player purchases a Tier VIII Tirpitz, they cannot play in that ship in a PvP mode UNLESS they have unlocked at least 1 tier 8 ship
  7. Allow special captains to be assigned to a ship upon unlock as opposed to retraining them AFTER you’ve already earned them.
  8. Allow for the option to MUTE the collision alarm
  9. Minimize or neutralize the penalty assessment to players within a division
  10. Rework the smoke detectability mechanic – Proposed changes below
    1. A BB firing within smoke should be spotted as the mechanic stands
    2. A BB firing from BEHIND smoke with no direct line of sight to an enemy ship should remain undetected by sea
    3. Planes, if within range, can still detect BB’s after firing while BEHIND smoke

That’s my list for now. I does not include things that I ‘wish’ for that are currently advertised as being under development so this list could grow. Let me know what you all think – just avoid flaming please.

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One thought on “My World of Warships Wishlist”

  • megadeux

    These are a good list of suggestions however; There are two that have issues.
    1; Giving high tier American BBs DFAA will further increase the already drastically high workload for CVs, and American BBs have already extremely good AA defense.
    2; Changing smoke for BBs again. The system right now is (in my opinion) a good system, since it incorporates your ideas just in a less extreme manner.

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