My World of Warships Wishlist

I have long awaited writing this article, like the previous, but have needed some other articles in place first. Many of the previous articles add extra explanation to my reasoning (if you’ve read previous articles) that I just couldn’t possible put into one write-up. So here goes. Rebalance/rework the battleship lines –  The two original […]

World of Warships: Predictions

I’ve been meaning to put this particular article set together for sometime but I needed to get a few other articles out of the way first so here goes. Based upon the changes that have been made recently, and changes that are being promised or tested, I see this game growing within the next year […]

Which Direction Admiral!?

Lately, World of Warships has been headed in a very radar heavy meta with the introduction of the new USN CL line, the two new premium Soviet (battle)cruisers  and the discussion of Radar on the Grozovoi. If you frequent the destroyer lines or even the RN cruisers this is particularly frustrating. Smoke becomes useless, islands […]

World of Warships and Win 10 Troubleshooting Guide

I’ve noticed a number of people having issues (crashing and connection issues) with WoWs and Windows 10 (seeming to coincide with the latest update for both – Windows 10 1803 as of the writing of this article and 0.7.5 for WoWs) including having a few of my own problems with both. So, here is a […]

A Quick Guide For Torpedo Boats.

Torpedo boats, next to CVs, are the class that requires the most situational awareness and proper positioning to play well. To play them successfully, awareness of the routes that ships ordinarily take, and knowledge of typical behavior are essential. Most of these skills are learned from practice and not from instruction, but there are some […]