As a way to break out of the meta, add a bit more versatility to the team, and have a bit more fun, I have been playing a lot of the Radar Minotaur. To preface this however, this particular configuration of this ship is not for everyone and can be quite difficult and frustrating as well – if RNG wants the enemy to get random citadels on you from 20km – RNG gives them citadels. That being said, this setup is an absolute brown-pant moment for a destroyer, especially if your team is paying attention and you can have a very big affect on the game as a result. But this can go in the other direction very quickly because the mino is so squishy. So here is my review of the Radar Minotaur, my setup, and a few tips on how to be effective (if RNG likes you).

The versatility that a well equipped radar minotaur can add to a team can make or break a match when played well and when played with the team. This is not a Rambo ship by any stretch and does require support from teammates to be truly successful. Your AA defense capability will certainly frustrate the enemy CV player, your torpedoes and their single fire capability make for a great solution to bow in ships, and your rate of fire with the special AP makes death by 1,000 cuts a real thing. With the guaranteed hydro, you can spot incoming torpedoes for yourself while in friendly smoke or screen for the fleet with your low detectability. Now, when you add radar to the mix that extends (9.9km) beyond your own detectability (8.9km when fully upgraded), you are guaranteed to spot that sneaky (unsuspecting) destroyer. With the special radar module, you can extend your radar run time to 56sec. which is plenty of time to wipe out an entire division of DD’s in smoke if they’re within 6-7km. A single salvo from the minotaur can easily do 5k+ damage to broadside destroyer and I have managed salvos in excess of 7k damage. With the reload on the mino, you can realistically dispatch a tier X DD with survivability in 4-5 salvos – sending them to port in less than 16 sec from full health. You can quite quickly rack up 50-60k damage in the first minute or so of an engagement with ships and completely decimate the enemy team’s destroyers but be careful, you will now be their prime target from all corners of the map.

With that being said, the radar Mino should be played as a hybrid between the Des Moines and a gun-boat destroyer. Your high arching guns makes shooting over islands easy and your spotting consumables allows you to see what’s coming or what has spotted you – the Des Moines part. When you add your low detectability with the high rate of fire and maneuverability, plus torpedoes, you are the most effective gun-boat in a knife fight in the game. The Minotaur’s heal makes her somewhat of a zombie ship – capable of coming back to half or more than half heath from a few thousand hit points. That’s enough toting the goodness that is the radar Mino for now, here is my loadout.

  1.  Main Armaments Mod 1
  2. Surveillance Radar Mod 1 (This is what makes running radar worth it)
  3. AA Guns Mod 2
  4. Steering Gears Mod 2
  5. Concealment
  6. AA Guns Mod 3
  • Any camo that gives you bonus to concealment AND reduction to enemy dispersion
  • November Echo Setteseven (Increased AA)
  • Victor Lima (Increase chance of flooding)
  • November Foxtrot (Reduced reload time of consumables)
  • Sierra Mike (Increased Speed)
  • India Delta (Increased XP with heal)


  1. Priority Target
  2. Expert Marksman; Adrenaline Rush
  3. Basic Firing Training; Superintendent
  4. Advanced Firing Training; Concealment Expert
  • I run ALL premium consumables
Ship Stats
  • Reload – 3.2 Sec @ full health
  • Turret Traverse – 4.7 sec for 180°
  • Range – 15.8km
  • AA Bubble – 8.6km
  • Top Speed – 35.2knts
  • Rudder Shift – 8.3 sec
  • Detectability Sea – 8.9km
  • By Air – 7.2km
  • In smoke – 5.4km
  • Hydro – Ship v. Torpedo – 4.92km/3.42km (4 Charges)
  • Radar Range – 9.9km (4 Charges)
  • Radar Duration – 56sec.

Tips and Tricks – Dos and Don’ts

  • Use islands for cover when ever possible
  • Be patient – when hunting DD’s let the come to you. If they spot you first, wait a few seconds before popping radar. The closer they are, the easier they are to shoot.
  • Know when to use your consumables – at the edge of islands or when you are spotted by a DD first, use your hydro before you pop your radar. Sometimes you can spot the DD with that and not have to use your radar at all, but more importantly, you’ll spot the torpedoes sooner.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bow-in against other cruisers – except the Henry IV – this ship can overmatch your bow
  • Use your detectability to your advantage – disengage whenever necessary
  • Use your maneuverability to your advantage. You have excellent acceleration and steering, use those to evade shells and throw off the enemy’s aim.
  • Screen for friendly ships with both your hydro and with your AA abilities – shooting down the planes gives you lots of extra XP and helping the friendly can allow them to continue to deal damage.
  • Don’t be afraid to draw fire from a friendly ship if you are at a decent range (13-15km+). EVERYONE loves to shoot at the RN cruisers so you can use that to your teams advantage under the right situations.
  • Communicate with your team – let them know you are running radar and not smoke. They might be more likely to provide support for you.
  • Follow your DD’s (to an extent). They can provide extra guns, torps and most importantly smoke as well as draw fire from other ships if they stay spotted
  • Though it should go without saying if you have made it this far in the British cruiser line, DON’T SHOW BROADSIDE! You can get away with doing it to DD’s as you will likely kill them first, but getting in a knife fight with a Khaba or a Z-52 (especially if they are running the 150mm guns), if they switch to AP, will quickly deplete your HP so choose your fights with those ships wisely. Your best chance is to catch and surprise them at under 7km.
  • Join a division. This is probably the best tip I can give. As hard as it might be if you’re not in a clan, it can be extremely useful if you can get into a division with the right players that can communicate AND bring complementing ships, like a Gearing or another Mino running smoke.

All in all, the Mino is a great ship in my opinion. It does have a high skill cap compared to other cruisers, and that cap is increased when you run Radar and solo. You can certainly do great things for your team and in my opinion, taking 2-3 DD’s with me, even if I die early in the game, is a good trade for my team (given friendly DD’s haven’t died already as well). If you play your cards right, play the map to your advantage and allow your team to support you (if they do), you will really make a mess of the enemy fleet and help secure the win.

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