With today’s update, 0.7.4, WarGaming has implemented some much needed changes, some controversial changes, and some new additions to the game that quite frankly, should have been implemented MUCH earlier. Here is a low down of some of the more important changes.

  • Updated Punishment System – WarGaming has added more colors to ships – turning them Orange when they REALLY do something bad and Pink when they have just been warned. With this change, you can differentiate when a player has been warned vs when a player has been punished. A further addition to this is the automated system to punish players that remain AFK for the whole battle offering the same color codes as noted earlier. Chances are though, you’ll never see an orange player in a PvP battle – unless it happens during that match – due to the fact that they are now banished to Coop battles. If you play a lot of Coop battles though, your team might get pretty colorful. New notification pop-ups have also been added alerting you to your infraction(s), what will happen if you continue, and how many battles you need to behave yourself in order to return to the ‘White’ zone. Watch those torps!
    • Pros – PvP will see less of players that intentionally damage teammates or rage quit
    • Cons – Players with poor internet connections or very slow computers could get unjustly punished for failing to participate in matches due to disconnects or crashes.
  • Improved Matchmaking – The new matchmaking system that has been implemented with this current patch will mirror ships types and tiers – or at least try to for the first 3 minutes of matchmaking. Keep in mind though, you could be that ‘unlucky’ individual who queued up just as a majority of players passed that 3 minute mark, forcing you to be in an ‘unbalanced’ match.
    • Pros – Should help with most balancing issues within matches, particularly during peak hours and likely within popular tiers.
    • Cons – If you play during off-peak hours, expect to see matchmaker perform as expected – like it was drunk.
  • New In-Battle Information – You can now see your potential damage received and damage upon spotting in real time as your battle progresses.
    • Pros – Really helpful for the stat junkies or those that like to know how well they’re assisting their team through tanking or spotting given your team actually takes advantage of such things.
    • Cons – Not enabled by default – you have to enabled these 2 new pieces of information in the settings menu. So far as I can tell so far, even though these are now measurable statistics, they have little effect on XP or Credit gain and do nothing for your WTR (so far?).
  • Updated Ribbons and New Achievements – The Dive Bomber ribbon will now show Penetrating hits versus Over-Penetrating hits and Clear Sky has been split up and replaced with both the “King of the Air” and “AA Defense Expert” achievements for CV’s and other ships respectively. The changes for the achievements allow you to meet only 1 criterion instead of 2 to acquire them (“Clear Sky” required that you shoot down a minimum of 30 planes and further destroy more than 50% of the enemies aircraft. The new achievements require you to destroy 55+ or 50+ aircraft respectively).
    • Pros – A lot easier to get those “November Echo Settesvent” flags.
    • Cons – Still difficult to achieve; not nearly as intrinsically rewarding as the previous one, particularly at higher tiers.
  • Spotting System – Finally, ships will render almost as soon as they are spotted (shown on the minimap) so you can shoot at them before they disappear behind the inevitable mountain.
    • Pros – More damage
    • Cons – Only if you were hoping to get behind that mountain
  • Port UI Updates – You can now see the changes that flags, modules, or captain skills will due to the performance of your ship by hovering over them.
    • Pros – Makes spec’ing out a ship and captain a whole lot easier.
    • Cons – Where was this 2 years ago?
  • Ship Changes – Shima got a concealment buff (down to 5.59km upgraded), Hakuryu got its attack capabilities nerfed (1 less torp squadron with 1 extra fighter squadron), Midway go a ‘survivability’ nerf (116 vs 136 planes in the hanger), Hipper and Prinz Eugen got buffed (better reload time and rudder shift for Hipper and added the Repair Party for the Eugen), and the Orion got a sigma nerf (1.6 vs 1.8).
    • Pros – If you play the buffed ships it’s your lucky day; if you are playing against the CV’s your chance of being deleted in a single strike or being under sustained attack all game has diminished.
    • Cons – Sucks to be the Orion seal-clubbers; Breaking 400k damage¬† in a tier X CV will be harder
  • Active Training Room Bots – Training room bots can now fight back or at the very least be a moving target.
    • Pros – You can now practice those long range shots on moving targets that won’t delete you for showing broadside
    • Cons – Where’s the fun in not being deleted?

Check out the website for more details and other little fixes https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-074/


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