To preface this review, I apologize for have no recent content. Life has been very busy and has prevented me from releasing the type of content I wish to release at the standard that I hold myself to. So without further nonsense here we go!

With the latest patch, the new Royal Navy battleship line has arrived and is available to the rest of us. I have been hoarding my free XP for just this ship and am glad I did. She is a joy to play, but does have some issues and I will highlight those later on in my review. To start, I will go over the specifics of the ship.

Ship Overview


The Conqueror has 2 main battery choices, a set of 12, 419mm guns with an AP alpha strike of 156,000 (12×13,000) and 8, 457mm[1] guns with an AP alpha strike of 119,200 (8×14,900)[2]. Her HE fire chance on the 419mm guns is 48% while the 457mm guns offer a 63% chance of setting fire. The shell velocity of both guns is relatively slow, with all below 800 m/s, making here shells the slowest overall compared to the other tier X battleships. However, similar to her German counterpart, her HE penetration is equal to one quarter the shell caliber, compared to the 1/6th that other battleships offer. This has been carried through the entire RN line. The secondaries on this ship are nothing to write home about and are the worst of the top tier battleships. On the other hand, the AA capabilities of this ship, while at full health, can rival that of the Montana, particularly at medium range (between 2.01 and 3.51km; 527.2 dps vs 318 dps).


HMS Conqueror has the lowest health pool of all the tier 10 ships with 82,900 hit points and has the second lowest belt armor values at 406mm. However, the excellent heal that this ship gets more than makes up for. Capable of restoring 1,989 hp per second for 20 seconds, you could, in theory restore a total of 159,120 hp if all you sustained was fire damage (unlikely I know) if you ran with Superintendent, the India Delta flag and the premium repair party. Further, the low sitting citadel makes the ship hold up well in medium to close range engagements, particularly if you are caught off guard.


This ship totes the best in class concealment at 11.1 km by sea and 12.1 km by air with camouflage, Concealment Expert and the Concealment module. This surpasses the detectability of even some cruisers allowing you to get the drop on them and unleash a full broadside into them as they attempt to scurry away.


  • Best detectability by far, allowing for excellent, cruiser level ninja attacks on unsuspecting Battleships and certain cruisers
  • An insane, almost OP level of repair. Though this is balanced will in my opinion by the armor level and low HP pool
  • Good maneuverability, even for a battleship
  • Excellent overall DPM. Likely the highest of all this ships since HE is strongly recommended when fires are included


  • Lowest [sensible][3] AP alpha strike.
  • Lack luster AP capabilities (the 419mm have been nerfed and their penetration, even against a broadside battleship is less than optimal in my opinion, and the 457mm are just barely too small to cross the overmatch threshold.)
  • Slow shell velocity means increased flight time and difficulty hitting faster targets at a distance
  • You’re a big target (especially right after release)


The WoWs Wiki offers a decent configuration setup here ( but my current setup is as follows:


Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
Slot 2: Aiming Systems Modification 1
Slot 3: Main Battery Modification 3
Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 1
Slot 5: Steering Gears Modification 2
Slot 6: Concealment System Modification 1

If CV’s become more of an issue, I may swap out Slot 2 and 3 with the AA Gun Modifications but I don’t see that being a problem just yet.

Commander Skills

Tier 1: Priority Target and Expert Loader (Since HE is such a great option on this ship, switching ammo type quickly without giving your position away by firing is nice)
Tier 2: Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, and Jack of All Trades (I might get rid of Jack of All Trades and Adrenaline Rush once the thrill killing has subsided and trade those 4 points for AFT to destroy planes)
Tier 3: Superintendent
Tier 4: Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert


Basically, make sure you always run it, especially if it offers both dispersion penalties to the enemy and concealment to you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, she is a very solid ship so far. Even though I don’t have too many games in her, I have yet to have a game where I’ve done less than 120k damage. However, I am not a fan of having two main armament choices where one is clearly better than the other. Though most of the advantages run with the 419mm guns, which I strongly recommend, the AP capabilities leave room for improvement. With the sigma nerf and normalization nerf, the use of the AP rounds on the 419mm guns is suffering. Nerfing both was a bit much in my opinion thus far and if they buff either back to the 6.10 release, I would probably be quite content. As for the 457mm guns, I have yet to play much with them. I’m still getting used to the 419mm with their slower shell velocity and maybe that will help with changing my opinions on their AP rounds but once I get a good handle with them I’ll try the 457mm guns for giggles. Just looking at the stats though, I’m not impressed with the 457mm guns and see no real reason to choose them over the 419mm at this point. We’ll see though, WG might see that they are not well liked and give them a buff of some kind, but I doubt it.

[1] 457mm guns are less than the 457.3mm necessary to overmatch 32mm of bow armor.

[2] Montana and G.K (with 420mm guns) are capable of a 162,000 damage alpha strike while the Yamato is capable of a 133,200 damage alpha strike.

[3] Though the 406mm guns of the Großer Kurfürst have a lower alpha strike, I find there to be no discernible advantage in the 406mm vs. the 420mm guns whereas for the Conqueror, the 419mm is the best choice so far.

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