Ship Rating

The WoWReplays Ship rating is evaluating the player’s average statistics (ability) in a ship against the overall population of average statistics in that ship. No weights are currently applied to any of the values.

Formula Components:

  • Win Rate
  • Damage
  • Kills
  • Experience
  • Survived Wins[1]
  • Survival Rate

Evaluation Scale:


Aggression Rating

The WoWReplays Aggression rating is an attempt to measure how passive or aggressive a player is in a particular ship. Like with the Ship Rating, a player’s average statistics in a ship are compared against averages for that ship.

Formula Components:

  • Main Battery Accuracy
  • Torpedo Accuracy
  • Secondary Accuracy
  • Secondary Kills
  • Survival Rate


Evaluation Scale:



Overall Aggression is not meant to be a determination of a player’s skill but of how they play a ship, as a whole, over the course of a battle. Both aggressive and passive plays, when executed at the correct time, are often a better sign of a player’s ability. Consider using these numbers as a determination of how to support a teammate as opposed to judging them.


As a note for carriers – due to the information that is provided – and not provided – by the WG API, it is very difficult to accurately measure the aggression of a carrier. However, due to nature of play of a carrier and the components of the metric, lower numbers for aggression are better to see than higher.

[1] The percentage of wins that the player has survived.

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