It was suggested that I analyze whether or not it was worth the credits and captains points to spec out certain ships for secondaries or to use them for other things. With the current data, this is almost impossible as it would be very difficult to collect the data or even run a small experiment due to the sheer number of possibilities. However, what I can do is make a determination on which ship has the best secondaries in the game – period. The top three contenders, for data that I currently have available (and there is not enough data yet for the Tirpitz – I may revisit this in the future), are the Bismark, Yamato, and Großer Kurfürst (G.K.). They all have a vast array of secondary guns that with the right modules, training, and flags are capable of engaging targets out to 10.6km. So how do they stack up against each other and who’s the best? First, let’s get a breakdown of the secondaries of each ship.

Table 1.

Note: DPM assumes full damage done to a citadel

Each ship has a base range of 7km and when upgraded with modules and flags, can reach out to 10.6km.

The Data

All the data was obtained from which is using the Wargaming API to collect data on every player in every ship on both the North American (NA) and European (EU) servers. A statistical program called SPSS was used to download that data from and randomly selected 5% of the download data. This equated to over 3,250,000 cases of over 308,000 Players by 223 Ships, meaning for every player ID as many as 223 individual ship stats may be included, in the case of Testers and Community Contributors. From these cases, only those battles that included the ships with ShipID 4179572528 (Großer Kurfürst), 4276041424 (Yamato), 4181669680 (Bismark) and 4277090288 (Montana) [1] were selected for this analysis. Though the Montana does not have an impressive secondary suite, it was included as a point of comparison for the other Tier X battleships and as a pseudo control.

The Analysis

Filtering the dataset of to only include the above noted battleships, a one-way ANOVA (analysis of variance) was conducted with Post Hoc tests to outline the exact differences between each ship. In this analysis, I included the Average Secondary Shots per battle (SecondaryShotsBattle), Secondary Accuracy and Average Secondary Frags (AvgSecondaryFrag) (Fig. 1). The results of the ANOVA showed significant differences, beyond a 95% confidence interval, in all areas (Fig. 2). Further post hoc analysis (Fig. 3) revealed that there are significant secondary performance differences between all ships.

So Who’s Number One?

As three separate measures were used to analyze the secondary performance of our three key ships, the “triathlon” results are as follows:
For the highest average amount of secondaries fired in a single battle with 282.4, first place goes to the Bismark, who also holds the highest amount fired in a single battle with 828 shots.[2] Second goes to the G.K. and third to the Yamato. However, the Yamato far succeeds the G.K. in max shots fired with 716 to 575.
For the best overall accuracy, the G.K. takes the gold with an average of 18.5% of its shots hitting a target and a maximum of 55%[3]. The silver is awarded to the Yamato and the Bronze to the Bismark who goes by the “throw enough at it, something is bound to stick” philosophy.
Finally, for average frags in a battle, the winner is the Bismark (.14) with a close second to the G.K. (.12) and a distance third to the Yamato (.08). It’s also worth noting that the maximum frags in a battle are 6, 5, and 4 respectively.


Based on the results above, the Bismark sits firmly atop the podium as the number one ship in the game for secondaries while the G.K. rests in second while the Yamato sits comfortably at third. While they can each hold their own against other classes of ships, the Yamato still has the advantage when purely bow in since of the three, it’s the only one with forward firing secondaries – the 155mm Mogami guns. Though both the Bismark and G.K’s secondaries can fire forward, they to have a ‘blind’ spot directly in front of the bow, forcing them to angle slightly in order to allow their secondaries to engage. Overall, if you are in a ship and are on low health or just value your HP, remaining outside of the 10.6km range of any of these ships is a wise decision. I have citadeled ships with my secondaries and even detonated a nearly full health destroyer in the Yamato and G.K. respectively.

So if you like to have some distance between you and the enemy while still keeping a nice anti-destroyer bubble, the Yamato would be your best ship. However, if you like to get in a brawl and punish anything within that 10.6km radius, any of the top tier German battleships will suffice, even the Friedrich der Große, which I did not cover. Whichever you choose, a secondary build is strongly recommended and certainly in my experience, will not disappoint.

Fig. 1


Fig. 2




[1] Due to the limitations of SPSS, the WG API’s ship ID had to be used as a defining factor as opposed to the ships actual name.

[2] Player ID 1000838764-NA

[3] Player ID 1001103292-NA

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